The pregnant wife of a York County fugitive has obtained a protection from abuse order against him, alleging he physically assaulted her and threatened to kill their unborn child while on the lam in Georgia.

"Thomas (Stone) has been on the run from police for almost a month. He has stated his goal is to get to Portland Oregon," Paige Bechtel of York County wrote in her PFA application. "I'm afraid anything could happen. With the threats he has made, if he comes after me, he can hurt me or the baby. I'm mostly afraid he is going to hurt the baby as a way to hurt me."

Bechtel, 21, stated in the PFA application that Thomas Jarrod Stone physically assaulted and threatened her on or around Friday, March 15, at the home of a friend in Georgia.

According to her PFA form, Stone was using methamphetamine, heroin "and just really anything he could get his hands on that day."

Bechtel wrote that Stone was screaming at her "about everything" — blaming her for the fact that his family wasn't speaking with him and blaming her because he's criminally charged for allegedly threatening her father and brother.

Stone yelled at her to leave, and Bechtel started to leave, according to the PFA filing, but Stone grabbed her arm, apparently leaving bruises.

"I kept apologizing to him to calm him down," she wrote. "(Then he) hit me with an open hand on my left eye and temple, leaving a bruise and a black eye. He hit my head against a windowsill and kept throwing me around. He knew full well that I am pregnant."

Threatened pregnancy? The PFA application alleges Stone threatened to try to end her pregnancy.

"He said he was going to shoot me up with drugs and kill the baby, and he said he didn't care about the baby," Bechtel wrote. "He said he hoped I had a miscarriage."

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Bechtel recounted in the PFA application that she was able to leave the home and started walking to the bus station but that Stone followed her and caught up with her.

"That's when he hit me in the jaw hard enough to knock me to the ground," she wrote. "He yelled at me for being on the ground because he said I was trying to get him arrested."

The PFA filing states Stone then dragged her back to the friend's home, screamed at her to stay in a room there for five days and started shooting up heroin. She also alleges he threatened to shoot her up with heroin.

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Human shield? Bechtel wrote that Stone later told her he was going to call the police and tell them he had a gun, "and that he would use me as a shield so we would both get shot."

Bechtel was able to leave the home the next day and take a bus back to Pennsylvania, her PFA filing states.

Stone told The York Dispatch that he loves Bechtel and that her family is trying to keep her from him.

Anyone with information on Stone's whereabouts can call Northern York County Regional Police at 717-292-3647, or call 911. Tips can be emailed anonymously to

York County residents who are victims of domestic violence can find help through the York YWCA's Access York & Victim Assistance Center. Call 717-846-5400, or toll-free at 800-262-8444.

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