Man accused in North York robbery


A man who set up a marijuana deal is accused of robbing the dealer at gunpoint in North York earlier this month.

Northern York County Regional Police said Jensey Alexander Curet, 19, robbed the woman the morning of Thursday, March 7.

Curet, of no fixed address, faces charges of robbery, aggravated assault, carrying a firearm without a license, and misdemeanor charges of making terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person, and simple assault.

Charging documents state he also threatened to shoot the dealer.

Set up deal: Police said Curet set a deal up to buy marijuana from Jade Tavares through Facebook.

Tavares knew Curet through mutual friends, and Curet instructed her to meet him in the 900 block of North Duke Street , court documents state.

She went there about 10 a.m. and saw a woman, later identified as Aushantanae Banks, staring at her, according to police. Banks was the "lookout," charging documents state.

Banks went into the home and Curet then came out of a breezeway between the two houses, police said. 

He got into the passenger side of Tavares' car, and Curet asked her how much it would cost to buy the marijuana, court documents state.

Robbery: She told him it would be $140, and Curet then pulled out a black and purple handgun and held it to her right leg, police said.

Curet threatened to shoot her, according to authorities.

She handed over the marijuana before Curet began to search her, and she pleaded with him to not take her phone.

Tavares fled to a nearby house and Curet searched Tavares' car before running back through the breezeway, documents state.

Banks: Banks, Curet's girlfriend, told police she waited for Tavares to arrive before telling Curet that Tavares had arrived alone, police said.

She said after Tavares went outside, came back with marijuana, and smoked it, charging documents allege. 

He left about 30 minutes later, police said. She did not know where he went.

Asked if Tavares and Banks could face charges, Northern Regional Deputy Chief David Lash said the investigation was still ongoing. 

As of Wednesday, March 13, Curet had not been arraigned on the charges.

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