Man accused in Springettsbury Township robbery


A Lehigh County man faces charges after police said he robbed his girlfriend earlier this month while she stayed in a friend's Springettsbury Township apartment.

Police said Brandon Scott Meckes kicked the door open to the apartment on Feb. 3 after his girlfriend tried locking him out.

He then stole her purse and fled and punched her in the face three times, court documents allege.

Meckes, 32, of Slatington, faces charges of robbery, theft, simple assault, and criminal mischief.

Incident: Meckes' girlfriend, also of Lehigh County, was staying at her friend's apartment in the 3400 block of East Market Street to get away from Meckes for a few days, police said.

About midnight, Meckes came to the home and convinced his girlfriend to let him stay while her friend was away, according to authorities.

He was there for several hours when Mecke's girlfriend asked him to leave before her friend arrived, documents state.

Meckes refused and accused her of being unfaithful, prompting a several hours-long argument, officials said.

About 3 p.m., he forced her to the living room floor, but she kicked him about four times in the abdomen, according to charging documents.

He started to leave the apartment and she followed him, police said. She closed the door on him and tried to latch the door behind him, court documents state.

Police said he kicked the door open, damaging the door and the frame. Meckes then demanded her purse and cell phone, according to authorities.

Meckes grabbed the purse and then punched her in the face three times, police said.

She let go of the purse and Meckes took off with it, documents state. 

Charges were filed Feb. 3, and as of Friday, Feb. 8, he has not been arrested.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts can call Springettsbury Township Police at 717-757-3525.

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