A man accused of shooting his fiancee's parents during a September incident in a Lower Windsor Township home faces trial in county court.

Additionally, Robert Alan Hedrick, 21, is charged with tampering with evidence after investigators testified that he used his hands, which were bagged as evidence, to clean up urine at the police station.

York County Detective Wes Kahley testified Hedrick urinated after a police interview and that the bags ripped when he attempted to clean up the mess.

Hedrick, of the 400 block of Bull Run Road, Lower Windsor Township, is accused of shooting Kimberly Forney and Matthew Forney at a home in the 1700 block of Winters Road on Sept. 23. 

He is charged with two counts of aggravated assault. 

Kahley also testified that Hedrick admitted to attempting to hide about $250,000 that was in a safe in the home after the shooting. Hedrick did so at the request of Kimberly Forney, according to Kahley.

During Hedrick's preliminary hearing Monday, Dec. 10, District Judge John H. Fishel determined there was enough evidence for the case to proceed to the York County Court of Common Pleas.

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First interview: During the hearing, first assistant district attorney Jen Russell called two witnesses to the stand, both of them York County detectives.

The detectives were asked to assist Lower Windsor Township Police in the investigation.

Police said the shooting happened during an argument at the home around 12:40 a.m. that day. 

Detective Kahley testified that he, along with Lower Windsor Township Sgt. Jim Thomas, interviewed Hedrick at the Lower Windsor Township Police station following the shooting. 

Hedrick told investigators he and fiancee Morgan Forney picked up Kimberly Forney and Matthew Forney from a family friend's home  about 9 p.m., Sept. 22, Kahley said. 

Afterward they went to her house, and Hedrick said he and Morgan Forney went to her room upstairs to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, according to Kahley. Hedrick said he didn't hear gunshots but came down and found the two shot after Kimberly Forney asked for help, Kahley testified.

Second interview: Police spoke to Hedrick again later that day, and his story changed, according to Kahley.

Hedrick told authorities that after picking up the Forneys, the four of them were drinking in their home and they were doing shots, according to the detective. Kahley said Hedrick told them Matthew Forney gets a "little crazy" when he does shots.

Kahley said Hedrick told investigators that at one point Matthew Forney asked Hedrick to go to the backyard, and the two talked about Hedrick and Morgan Forney's relationship.

That discussion led to an argument that became physical, the detective said. Morgan Forney and Kimberly Forney broke up the fight, according to Kahley.

The four went inside the home, and Matthew Forney struck his wife, Hedrick told authorities, according to Kahley.

A struggle ensued, and at one point Matthew Forney had his hand around Kimberly Forney's neck, Hedrick told authorities, Kahley testified.

During the struggle Kimberly Forney retrieved a handgun, passed it to Morgan Forney, who passed it to Hedrick, Kahley said. 

Police said in Hedrick's charging documents that Morgan Forney told him to shoot. 

Those documents also state he fired in the direction of the two and struck both of them. 

He fired the gun several times, striking Kimberly Forney once in the left thigh and Matthew Forney twice in the upper torso, Hedrick said, according to the detective.

Both Morgan Forney and Hedrick told police they assisted Kimberly Forney with her injury but did not help Matthew Forney, who was lying on the floor with a gunshot wound to the chest, according to authorities. 

After she was shot, Kimberly Forney told Hedrick to go upstairs and retrieve about $250,000 in cash from a safe and hide it, according to testimony. The money was found in the woods nearby, Kahley said.

Detective Roger Goodfellow testified that five shots were fired, and the two bullets that didn't hit anyone were recovered.

Kahley testified that Kimberly Forney had injuries to the left side of her face in addition to the gunshot wound. Matthew Forney, he said, was shot in the chest area twice.

Hedrick's attorney, Chuck Hobbs, asked Kahley if Matthew Forney was ever charged in the incident. The detective answered that he was not. 

Sgt. Thomas, the officer-in-charge with Lower Windsor Township Police, said after the hearing that any additional charges remain under investigation.

Argued: Hobbs argued that Hedrick's intention was not to shoot Kimberly Forney and that Hedrick should not be charged with aggravated assault in that instance.

But Russell argued that Hedrick is legally responsible for what happened to Kimberly Forney because his intent was to harm Matthew Forney, and he shot Kimberly Forney in the process.

"All the testimony provided was consistent with (Kimberly Forney) being attacked and asking for help," Hobbs said.

But Fishel agreed with Russell and allowed the charge to stay. 

The tampering with evidence charge was added because of the incident in the police station where he used his hands to clean up  urine at the police station, Russell said during the hearing.

Hedrick remains free on $250,000 bail. As part of his bail conditions he is not allowed to have contact with Matthew Forney.

Hobbs said during the hearing that Hedrick is living with Morgan Forney and Kimberly Forney at the home. Matthew Forney no longer lives there, Russell said during the hearing.

After the hearing, Hobbs declined comment but said he didn't think there was enough evidence presented for the second aggravated assault charge.

"It appears he was helping Mrs. Forney," he said.

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