York City brothers plead guilty in machete attack

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch

Two York City brothers who police said used a machete, metal pipes and a baseball bat to attack one of their grandfather's tenants have pleaded guilty to committing the attack.

Eric Mantilla Jr., 23, pleaded guilty in York County Court Friday, Nov. 2, to aggravated assault.

As part of a negotiated plea agreement, he was sentenced to 278 days to 23 months in York County Prison, according to court records.

Eric Mantilla Jr.

It was a time-served sentence, and he was ordered released forthwith from York County Prison, records state.

Jordan Mantilla, 21, pleaded guilty to simple assault and was sentenced to 350 days to 23 months in York County Prison, records state.

That also was a time-served sentence, and he was ordered released from prison immediately, according to court records.

The background: York City Police said the brothers attacked Ricky Sease on Aug. 24, 2017, at 120 E. South St.

Officers found Sease, then 50 years old, lying on a blood-covered floor, badly hurt and struggling to speak, court documents state.

He had a large cut and bruising to the back of his head as well as other injuries, police said, adding there was too much blood at the scene to see the extent of those injuries.

Medics at the scene told officers that Sease's injuries could potentially be life-threatening, and he was rushed to York Hospital, police said.

Several doors and windows to the second floor of the apartment building had been forced open or broken, and police also found blood throughout the building, including in the vestibule and outside on the front sidewalk, documents state.

Machete, pipes found: There were metal pipes left at the crime scene as well as a machete that was found propped against a nearby wall, police said.

Detectives later determined Sease rented a room in the building from a man he knew as "Junior," who had left town to care for a relative, according to police.

Junior had his grandsons, the Mantillas, collecting rent in his absence, documents state.

Jordan Mantilla

But the Mantilla brothers became angry at Sease for supposedly alerting Junior that they'd moved in another tenant without telling their grandfather, police said.

They also apparently blamed Sease for police coming to the apartment building on an earlier occasion. While there, officers spotted and seized about $3,800 worth of drugs, documents state.

The Mantillas told Sease they wanted him to pay them $3,800 for the drugs they had lost, police have said.

The brothers repeatedly threatened Sease, including showing him that they had guns, according to court documents.

Knocked back: Shortly before 6 a.m., Sease was standing inside the vestibule of his apartment building when Eric Mantilla punched him in the side of the head, police said.

"The punch was so hard it knocked him back," at which point Sease spotted Jordan Mantilla and another man "charging towards him," documents state.

Sease grabbed Eric Mantilla from behind and tried to use him as a shield from the punches and blows of the other two attackers, according to police.

"Sease stated that they used anything they could to hit him," documents state. "They used a machete to hit him (and) they also used metal pipes."

Eric Mantilla was stabbing and hitting Sease as well until the attack broke up and Sease fled inside, documents state.

"Sease, who was badly hurt and weak, was able to lock the front door," documents state. "He then crawled up the steps all the way to the third floor."

Second attack: He asked a third-floor tenant for help, but that neighbor refused and simply closed the door on him, police said.

As Sease lay there, he heard glass breaking, police said.

Then Jordan Mantilla was inside and attacking Sease again, hitting him with a metal pipe and trying to throw him over a third-floor stairway wall, court documents state.

But Sease was able to hang on to Jordan Mantilla and prevent himself from being thrown down the stairs, according to police.

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