Man accused of sharing naked photos of ex online

A man is wanted by Fairview Township Police after they say he shared naked photos of his ex-girlfriend online and to a 15-year-old girl.

Police said Bradley Scott Eckard had access to his ex's old phone and was able to get hold of naked photos of her that she thought had been deleted. He then threatened her, officials said.

"Everything of yours will be in my control. Your Facebook will be mine tomorrow too. Everything will be mine," Eckard messaged her, according to court documents. 

Eckard, 29, of no fixed address, faces charges of corruption of minors, unlawful dissemination of an intimate image, threatening to expose a secret and four counts of harassment. 

Bradley Eckard

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Allegations: On Sept. 8, Eckard's ex spoke to police and told them that Eckard somehow managed to get access to all of her deleted photos, documents state.

Police said Eckard was given her phone after she had deleted everything off it.

The two had recently broken up, according to police, and Eckard recently texted his ex's teenage cousin the naked pictures of his ex.

Police spoke to Eckard and his ex's cousin and searched their phones, court documents state. According to officials, Eckard sent a screenshot of the naked photos to his ex's cousin, and he asked her to inform his ex that her photos kept popping up on his phone.

"She needs to delete the email she has then make a new one. It's linked to the email. Cuz if it keeps popping up, I'm just going to start sharing it online. She likes the attention anyway," Eckard messaged the girl, according to charging documents.

On Sept. 10, Eckard's ex called police and told them Eckard had posted a nude photo of her on social media, officials said.

She showed officials that Eckard had posted a photo of her on a social media site and said anyone interested in having sex with her should call her, and he also posted her phone number, documents state. 

Eckard had also texted his ex saying that he was going to get the rest of her passwords and "everything's gonna be f—d," officials said.

"You guys wanna threaten to call the cops on me and send me to jail. Deal with the consequences," Eckard messaged her, according to authorities. 

He continued to message her, telling her that the guys she had been talking to aren't talking to her anymore, and he also accused her of lying, court documents state.

Charges for Eckard were filed Sept. 12. Fairview Township Police said in a news release Wednesday, Oct. 25, that the department is searching for him.

On Friday, Oct. 26, police said they had received a tip Friday morning about his location, and he was taken into custody. 

He is being held in Cumberland County, according to police. There was a warrant for his arrest in Cumberland County as well, officials said. 

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