Police: Glen Rock man tried to disarm cop

A Glen Rock man attempting to break into an apartment through a fire escape Monday night also tried to take an officer's Taser, according to officials.

Southern Regional Police say Edwin Ernesto Bulum Caal attempted to get into an apartment through the fire escape multiple times on Monday, Sept. 24.

Bulum Caal, 21, of the first block of Hanover Street, is charged with trespass, disarming a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, loitering and prowling, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. 

Edwin Bulum Caal

Attempted break-in: According to charging documents filed by Officer Paul Heffner, Bulum Caal tried to enter a woman's apartment in the complex where he lives around 8 p.m. Monday.

Police say the woman's daughters noticed the fire door was open, so they closed it. At that point, they saw Bulum Caal using his whole body to try to force the door open, officials said.

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The two girls tried to close the door, but Bulum Caal was holding the doorknob in place so the door couldn't be locked, charging documents state.

Police say the woman helped close the door shut against Bulum Caal, and she told him they were calling the police, which didn't stop him.

After a while, he left the area, according to police. When Heffner arrived, Bulum Caal was gone, court documents state. 

As Heffner was going to the parking lot, he heard screaming coming from the woman's apartment. He went to the back of the apartment and found Bulum Caal on the fire escape near the door, officials said. 

Struggle: Heffner told Bulum Caal to come down and get on the ground, but Bulum Caal walked down the stairs and refused to listen to Heffner's commands, charging documents state.

Bulum Caal went toward Heffner, and Heffner took Bulum Caal to the ground after Bulum Caal continued to not listen to him, officials said.

While on the ground, Bulum Caal resisted and refused to place his hands behind his back, causing Heffner to use his Taser, according to police.

When Bulum Caal grabbed the Taser and attempted to take control of it, Heffner physically fought him until Bulum Caal was exhausted, charging documents state.

Bulum Caal still refused to put his hands behind his back, and he had to be forced into handcuffs, according to police, who also said Bulum Caal smelled strongly of alcohol.

When he was taken into custody, police say he repeatedly kicked the rear cage of Heffner's patrol vehicle and cursed at him.

Bulum Caal was taken to the county's central booking unit and arraigned on the charges the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 25. He was taken to York County Prison on $25,000 bail, and he remained there as of Sunday, Sept. 30.

He does not have an attorney listed.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 9 at District Judge Lindy Lane Sweeney's office.

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