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Police: Dover Twp. couple held without bail in neighbor dispute

A neighbor dispute in Dover Township has landed a couple in jail without bail, according to officials.

Northern York County Regional Police say Victoria Ann Harrison, 46, and Douglas Vernon Harrison Jr., 53, were warned in June not to contact neighbor Joni Kahn.

But on July 8, Douglas Harrison shined a light into Kahn's window at 3:30 a.m., and on July 14 Victoria Harrison sprayed a garden hose into Kahn's open window, according to officials. 

The Harrisons, of the 2000 block of Pineview Drive, are charged with stalking and harassment. 

Douglas Harrison

Charges: According to charging documents filed by Detective William Haller, Kahn contacted police on July 16 about the garden hose incident.

Police had spoken to the three in June after Kahn reported directly to the York County District Attorney's Office, court documents state. The DA's office requested Northern Regional Police to look into the reports filed by the three, officials said.

On June 28, police warned the three not to contact each other, police said.

That warning came after more than two dozen incidents between the neighbors from September 2017 to March 2018, all of which are listed by Haller in charging documents.

Victoria Harrison

Ongoing issue: It started in September, police said, when Douglas Harrison called police saying he felt Kahn was spying on his family because of cameras she had installed, police said.

In one incident, police say Victoria Harrison slammed the fence from her side, which hit Kahn and caused a small facial injury. 

An incident in December resulted in charges being filed against Victoria Harrison and Kahn, when Victoria Harrison reached over the fence and grabbed a metal fireplace poker, court documents state. Victoria Harrison was charged with trespass, according to police, and Kahn was charged with theft for taking the metal poker off of the fence line.

Another incident got physical and resulted in charges for both Victoria Harrison and Kahn, charging documents state.

According to police, Victoria Harrison harassed Kahn, 52, on March 10. Victoria Harrison began kicking the fence between their yards, and Kahn then began kicking the fence as well, officials said.

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The two went out on the street, and Kahn told Victoria Harrison she was recording her, prompting Victoria Harrison to smack the phone in her hand, court documents state.

After that, Kahn told police Victoria Harrison attacked her, officials said. 

Victoria Harrison told police that when Kahn was kicking her fence, she knocked over a piece of wood that was propped up against the fence to block Kahn's cameras from seeing into her yard, police said.

When that happened, she said, the piece of wood fell on her daughter, and that "set her off," charging documents allege.

Surveillance footage from Kahn's home showed the two fighting, police said. 

The couple's attorney, Farley Holt, said he advised them to meet with a mediator to help resolve the issues but that Kahn wasn't interested.

"This whole situation should've been resolved a long time ago," he said.

Kahn's attorney, Tom Kelley, declined comment when reached Thursday afternoon.

Kahn also is suing the couple regarding the disputes in civil court, according to York County court records.

Charges for the Harrisons were filed late last month. They were arraigned on the charges Wednesday, Aug. 1. District Judge David Eshbach denied them bail, according to court records.

Holt said he's filing a motion to set bail in the case.

The Harrisons are due back at Eshbach's office Sept. 25 for their preliminary hearing. 

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