Third York Tech student: Nagle 'tried to touch me'

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch

A third young man has testified against former vo-tech teacher Kevin Nagle, who is accused of inappropriately touching two students under the guise of measuring them for pants.

The 18-year-old, who graduated in June from the York County School of Technology, told jurors he went to the school store — which Nagle managed in addition to teaching business classes — to buy a uniform shirt. York Tech students are required to wear uniform shirts.

"He took me in a closet and tried to touch me," he said.

York County School of Technology

The young man said he wasn't sure of his shirt size, so Nagle sent him to the store's storage room — which the witness called a closet — to try on shirts.

"He mentioned the pants I was wearing were baggy ... (and) didn't fit me right," the witness testified under questioning by deputy prosecutor Teresa Jauregui.

Testimony jibes: That statement is significant for the prosecution because the two alleged victims in the case, who were 17 at the time, both testified they went to the school store to buy shirts in November 2016.

While the two students were there, each on separate dates, Nagle told them that their pants fit poorly, then offered to measure them for a proper fit even though neither was buying pants, according to the two teens.

The alleged victims testified this week at trial that Nagle used a measuring tape to measure their inseams while they were naked from the waist down and that he touched their genitals while doing so.

Both boys said it happened in November 2016. One said Nagle pulled down both his pants and underpants; the other said he wasn't wearing underpants at the time.

The teen who said Nagle pulled down his underpants also testified that Nagle used hand sanitizer and a paper towel to clean behind the teen's scrotum after saying he noticed an odor. He also told jurors that Nagle forced him to sit in Nagle's lap at least five times.

Kevin Nagle

Stepped away: The third boy took the stand on Thursday, July 19. He testified that Nagle, after saying the teen's pants were ill-fitting, hiked up the teen's pants "to the point where I could see my ... genital area."

Asked how he responded, the teen said, "I kind of just stepped away."

He said he told his parents what happened the same day. No charges were filed against Nagle in relation to that encounter.

During cross-examination, defense attorney Terrence McGowan challenged the young man about the fact that he didn't tell authorities about the alleged encounter until Dec. 21, 2016. That prompted the witness to note that "some people have much worse stuff happen" to them, yet take years to come forward.

Two school administrators testified this week that Nagle was specifically told in October 2016 not to touch students, not to measure or fit students for clothing and to allow students to buy whatever sizes they chose.

There's been nothing introduced at trial to explain why administrators issued those directives to Nagle.

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The charges: Detective Donald Hopple Jr. with York Area Regional Police filed charges of institutional sexual assault, corruption of minors and indecent assault against Nagle.

Nagle, 44, of McSherrystown, was immediately suspended, although he had in early November tendered his resignation to take a job with a school district in Adams County, according to testimony.

He maintains he was merely trying to help students learn to dress properly, and McGowan has noted that Nagle even taught a class called Your Employability Skills.

The attorney has said the class taught students, in part, how to "dress for success."

Trial is expected to resume at 9 a.m. Friday with more prosecution testimony, and presiding Common Pleas Judge Maria Musti Cook warned jurors the trial session is expected to run late.

Jurors spent an extended amount of time Thursday watching surveillance video from the school store, and Cook told them they have another hour or so of video to watch on Friday.

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