Police: York City officer assaulted wife

Ritchie Blymier

A York City Police officer was relieved of duty after he was arrested in a domestic-related assault in his home over the weekend, according to officials.

Southwestern Regional Police say Ritchie Page Blymier assaulted his wife in their Spring Grove home on Sunday, May 20.

Blymier was relieved of duty, with pay, pending the results of an internal affairs investigation, according to a statement from York City.

Blymier, 48, is charged with simple assault and harassment.

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Charges: Southwestern Regional Police were called to his home Sunday, May 20, for a report of a domestic assault.

On the scene, police found his wife, Brenda Blymier, who had scratches around both sides of her neck and chest as well as scratches, redness and swelling on her right wrist, according to officials.

Court documents state that she took his cellphone during an argument and placed the phone in her bra, police said.

Ritchie Blymier became upset and attempted to retrieve the phone by pushing her onto a chair, charging documents allege.

He got on top of her and grabbed her wrists while using his knee on her stomach to hold her down, court documents state.

Police say he then placed his hands on her chest and throat to get the phone.

The alleged incident took place about 12:20 p.m., according to officials.

Protection-from-abuse: Brenda Blymier filed a protection-from-abuse petition on Monday, May 21.

An emergency PFA was granted on Sunday after the alleged incident. In her petition, his wife explains that ever since she filed for divorce on May 1, "things have been escalating." 

"Ritchie (Blymier) is very controlling, he is an officer, has access to weapons and has 8 cameras inside and outside of our home watching everything we do," his wife wrote.

She said in the petition that she asked for the wireless internet password on Sunday, and when he refused to give it to her, she took his phone. Brenda Blymier said she would give him back his phone when she got the password, and she took his SIM card out.

His wife wrote that this angered him, causing him to lock the bedroom door and then grab both of her wrists and start to twist them. She told Ritchie Blymier to stop, and he grabbed her by her shirt, then pushed her down on a chair, according to the petition.

He put his knee on top of her chest and his hand on her throat, and he tried getting the phone from her, Brenda Blymier wrote. Once he got it, he let go and put the SIM card back in his phone, according to the petition.

He had her phones in his pocket, and when she tried getting them, he started slamming them on the dresser, his wife wrote. He went out to the couch and said "I'll give them to you in my own timing, maybe tonight," according to the PFA petition. She told him she would call the police to get her phones back, Brenda Blymier wrote.

She called the police and wrote a report, and her husband was charged, according to his wife. Her wrist was swollen, and her back and neck were hurting, the petition states. She requested the PFA to protect her from any future aggression or harm or from keeping her credit card or phones, according to his wife's report.

"After yesterday, I am scared," she wrote.

Ritchie Blymier was taken to the county's central booking unit for arraignment Sunday night. He remains free on $5,000 unsecured bail, meaning if he does not show up to court proceedings he could forfeit up to that amount.

He could not be reached for comment Monday and does not have an attorney listed on court documents.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 6 at District Judge Thomas Reilly's office.

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