A Stewartstown-area man accused of raping a York College student in her dorm room last fall claimed the woman reported him merely to seek attention for her future modeling career, according to charging documents.

The 18-year-old woman was left with bruises on her body — including around her neck, where Nathan Andrew Yankelov allegedly squeezed, and in her genital region, charging documents state.

York City Police said she required two follow-up hospital visits.

Yankelov, 19, of the 100 block of Crosstie Drive in Hopewell Township, remains in York County Prison on $150,000 bail, charged with rape, sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault.

According to charging documents filed by Detective Christopher Perry, the college student was hanging out in her dorm room with a group of friends and acquaintances, including Yankelov, in the early morning hours of Nov. 18, 2017, after the group had been at a party.

At that party, she drank four beers on an empty stomach, police said. 

The group ate pizza and watched a movie, after which people started leaving the student's dorm room, police said.

The allegations: About 3 a.m., Yankelov was the only person still there, according to police, and he was sitting on the edge of the student's bed, where she was trying to go to sleep.

She nudged Yankelov, prompting him to say, "I would not have done that if I were you," charging documents state.

That's when he started taking off her clothing and touching her, documents allege.

He raped her and choked her to the point where it became difficult for her to speak and breathe, according to charging documents, 

When the young woman tried to stop him, he "smacked her in the face" and told her to be quiet so others couldn't hear, documents allege.

The rape itself left her with a "significant amount of trauma," both internally and externally, documents state. She also suffered bruises to her entire neck area, as well as on her breast and thigh, according to police.

'It was on': In a police interview on Dec. 6, Yankelov allegedly told Perry that the woman had been "playing" with his inner thigh, "so Yankelov figured 'it was on,'" documents state.

He told detectives the sex was consensual but acknowledged the woman had been extremely intoxicated a few hours earlier, police said.

Yankelov went on to say that he asked the young woman whether she was OK with having sex, and she didn't answer, so he asked a second time and she mumbled an unintelligible response, documents state.

He maintains that when he asked a third time, she uttered "uh-huh," according to documents.

He allegedly admitted he was prepared to ask her five or six times before giving up, police said.

"Yankelov also stated that he believes that (she) displayed attention-seeking behavior and wanted this report to be filed as an 'attention grab' as she seeks a future in the modeling industry," charging documents state.

He  told police he's previously been through "rape training" as a Boy Scout and Eagle Scout.

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Not a student: Yankelov has never been a student at York College, according to Mary Dolheimer, vice president of communications for the college.

She said student dormitories are secure and that the young woman would have been told about resources for rape victims, both on and off campus.

York College works with the YWCA of York to provide counseling to victims of sexual assault, Dolheimer said.

She also noted that for the second year in a row, York College has been a recipient of a grant from Gov. Tom Wolf's "It's On Us PA" program to end sexual assault in Pennsylvania.

In October 2016, a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women allowed York College to hire a coordinator of the college's sexual/relationship violence prevention program, to organize events and act as a liaison between the college and community partners.

With the second IOU grant, York College hopes to expand and increase services for that program and for victims of violence, according to Dolheimer.

Lengthy investigation: Lt. Gene Fells, who supervises the York City detective bureau, said the investigation took time and that Perry was thorough in speaking with all witnesses, checking available security video and tying up loose ends.

"Every month there was something going into the preparation of this case," Fells said. "It was pretty involved."

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