York County 911's WebCAD system offline for now

Liz Evans Scolforo
York Dispatch

York County residents who want to know when fires and vehicle crashes happen locally might have noticed that the 911 Center's online live-incident status page is unavailable.

On Friday, the WebCAD page at www.ycdes.org/webcad stopped working because it wasn't renewed with its online web-hosting service, according to York County spokesman Mark Walters.

A now-former York County Department of Emergency Services employee who registered WebCAD's domain name and address with the web host linked it to his or her personal Gmail account, he said on Monday, Nov. 6.

So when the domain-hosting agreement expired, York County couldn't simply renew it, Walters said.

"When you renew one of these, you have to prove who you are," he said. "Right now, the County of York is having difficulty proving York County is, in fact, the owner of the domain. That's why it's taking as long as it is (to fix the problem)."

The York County Commissioners approved a five-year contract Wednesday worth more than $2.1 million for maintenance of the county's emergency management systems, including the 911 call center. Friday, July 22, 2016. John A. Pavoncello photo

York County officials aren't sure which former employee registered WebCAD with the host service, he said. Therefore, they are simply focusing on proving to the web-hosting service that York County should have access to its own domain, Walters said.

York County is providing the web host with items such as paid bills to prove that "we are who we say we are," Walters said.

He said county officials are hoping the WebCAD live-incident status page will be fixed sometime Monday, Nov. 6, but can't say for sure it will be.

In the interim, people who want to stay abreast of fires and crashes in York County can visit www.southernpa.net/york-page.html.

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