Police: Man forced son to drink hot sauce

  • Police say Richard Fickes, 38, forced his son to drink hot sauce as a punishment.
  • Fickes and his girlfriend have been told not to do that as a punishment by children and youth services, according to police.
  • Fickes remains free after posting $10,000 bail.

A Franklin Township man forced his 9-year-old son to drink hot sauce after the boy lied to him, according to police.

Richard Adam Fickes, 38, was told by York County Children, Youth and Families to not make his son drink hot sauce as a punishment, but charging documents allege he did just that on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Richard Fickes

Fickes, of the first block of Walmar Manor, is charged with endangering child welfare, terroristic threats and harassment.

Call: Northern Regional Police were called to Fickes' home about 7 p.m. Saturday for a report of a domestic incident. 

Fickes' girlfriend told police that two women at her home told her that Fickes was touching them inappropriately, according to charging documents. 

Additionally, the two women told police that Fickes made his son drink a cup of hot sauce, police said. Fickes went into the kitchen, filled a cup with hot sauce and black pepper and made his son drink it because the boy lied to him, according to court documents.

The boy drank the hot sauce and began to cough to the point where he almost threw up, police said. 

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His 9-year-old son admitted to police that his father made him drink the hot sauce, and he said that he was fine, according to charging documents.

Another person in the house told police that Fickes was "out of control" that evening and that Fickes said if a certain person would not come back to the house in five minutes, he would go to where that person was with his gun, police said.

The person he allegedly referenced is not identified in charging documents.

Hot sauce: Police spoke with Fickes, who appeared to be "highly agitated" and said his girlfriend needed to come to the house with the kids, police said. 

The responding officer asked about the incident, and police say Fickes denied touching the women inappropriately, police said. He admitted making his son drink hot sauce but said it was only a little bit, documents state.

Police say Fickes said it was how he punished his son for lying to him.

Fickes led the officer to the cup he gave his son, which police say had hot sauce and black pepper residue in it.

At one point the cup had a couple of ounces of hot sauce in it, documents state.

According to police, Fickes and his girlfriend have an active case with York County CYF, and their case worker has told them they are not to use hot sauce to punish their children.

The incident was reported to CYF, documents state.

Fickes was taken to central booking, where he was arraigned on the charges. He posted $10,000 bail, according to the York County Sheriff's Office.

A phone number could not be found for Fickes, and it is not clear if he has an attorney.

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