Crime watch, Judge Manifold, June 12


District Judge Laura S. Manifold’s office covers East Hopewell, Fawn, Hopewell and North Hopewell townships, Cross Roads, Fawn Grove, Stewartstown and Winterstown.


Antoinette Brookshire: 1242 Hilldale Road, Rosedale, Md.; DUI; waived to court.

Tiffany N. Carter: 223 N. Sherman St., York; possession of drug paraphernalia; pleaded guilty.

Leighton N. King: 2275 Woodbine Road, Airville; unsworn falsification to authorities; held for court.

Spencer E. Armstrong: 128 S. Findlay St., York; DUI; waived to court.

Gregory D. Johnson: 27 Imlay St., Hartford, Conn.; possession of drug paraphernalia; held for court.

Douglas P. Greenawalt Jr.: 1547 Main St., Whiteford, Md.; theft by unlawful taking or disposition; waived to court.

Jacob A. Neaves: 1553 Deerfield Drive, Darlington, Md.; simple assault, harassment; simple assault-dismissed, harassment-found guilty in abstentia.

Michael A. Sniadach: 9812 Whitney Drive, Apt. 122, Rosedale, Md.; DUI; waived to court.

Jesse T. Brittain: 230 Pond Road, Felton; accident involving damage to vehicle, meeting vehicles in opposite direction; accident involving damage to vehicle-withdrawn, meeting vehicles in opposite direction-pleaded guilty.