Husband says he lied about Baltimore cop assaulting him

Liz Evans Scolforo

The husband of a Baltimore City police officer being held in York County Prison said he lied to police in Maryland when he twice claimed the cop assaulted him.

The officer, Timothy Rae George III, is facing trial in York County on an unrelated case, for allegedly sexting a 15-year-old Spring Grove boy. He was remanded to prison Tuesday after his bail was revoked for incurring new charges, which is a violation of standard bail conditions.

Brandon Smith said he and George were married March 8, less than a week after Baltimore City Police filed domestic-assault charges against George based on Smith's allegations. They were engaged in February, he said.

Baltimore City Police Officer Timothy Rae George III (left) is pictured here with husband Brandon Smith, who says he lied when he twice told police George assaulted him.

Smith, 21, of Baltimore, contacted The York Dispatch to say that George has never assaulted him. He said he lied to Baltimore Police because he was angry and wanted to see George's name "plastered all over the news."

"I said things to get him in trouble," Smith said. "I've been like that all my life. When I don't get my way, I retaliate. ... He's never put a hand on me at all."

Smith said he knows some people will think he's lying to protect his spouse, but he insisted he's telling the truth now.

"I don't think I can ever make this right," he said. "Honestly, I'm pretty sure he hates me."

They are now separated, Smith confirmed.

The background: George was arrested March 2 by Baltimore City Police after Smith told officers George assaulted him and smashed their television. York County prosecutors sought to have George's bail revoked then, but defense attorney Chris Ferro requested Common Pleas Judge Gregory M. Snyder wait and hold a hearing, according to deputy prosecutor Alissa Cardenas.

In April, George won a judgment of acquittal for the Maryland domestic-assault charges after Smith invoked marital privilege and failed to testify, Cardenas has said.

Once charges were dropped, there was no longer a violation of bail conditions, so George remained free on bail for his York County case. Smith said he and George moved up their wedding date after George's Maryland attorney suggested the marital privilege strategy.

Md. cop accused of sexting Spring Grove teen now locked up

Smith said he suffers from bipolar disorder and was mixing his medications with alcohol, despite doctors' warnings he shouldn't drink at all. He said that when he's depressed, he sometimes becomes violent with himself and verbally abusive to loved ones. Smith now maintains he punched the television himself but blamed George.

Smith maintains he has a history of lying to other family members and treating them poorly when he's drinking and when he stops taking his medication. He provided The York Dispatch with documentation showing a portion of his mental-health history.

"Despite how mean I can be to him, he was always nice to me and put me before himself," Smith said of George. "He's the only person I've ever been with who's cooked for me and cleaned for me and who does all this stuff for me."

Second Md. arrest: Police became involved in another domestic dispute between the pair two months later. Baltimore County Police filed assault charges against George on May 4, court records state.

Smith said he was drinking heavily and verbally abusing George, then lied to a friend and to police by claiming George assaulted him.

Timothy Rae George III

Based on those new charges, York County prosecutors again asked Judge Snyder to revoke bail in the sexting case, according to Cardenas.

Snyder granted the motion and scheduled a hearing for Monday, but George failed to attend, the prosecutor said. Defense attorney Ferro described it as a miscommunication or misunderstanding.

George attended his rescheduled hearing Tuesday morning, which is when Snyder ordered him remanded to prison to await trial, according to court records.

The Maryland charges for the May incident are listed in court records as being dropped. But Maryland assistant state's attorney Ian Wright said that's because the case, consisting of four counts of second-degree assault, was forwarded to Baltimore County Circuit Court.

On Thursday, Wright declined to comment on details about that pending case.

Not testifying? Smith insisted he won't show up at trial to testify.

"I'm not facing (George) or his family," Smith said. "I'm too scared ... because I know I did something wrong."

Smith said his medication has been changed and he's more rational.

"Right now, I feel pretty normal," he said. "Where I should be."

Ferro did not return a message seeking comment.

Baltimore City Police Officer Timothy Rae George III (left) is accused of sexting a 15-year-old Spring Grove-area teen and is charged with domestic assault in Baltimore County. His husband, Brandon Smith (right), now says he lied about George assaulting him.

York allegations: According to charging documents, George met a 15-year-old Spring Grove-area teen through Facebook at the end of August, and the two began conversing on the phone, through Facebook Messenger and by text.

The teen sent photographs of himself to George, according to police. The teen also sent a video of himself masturbating to George, documents allege.

Also during those conversations, the two talked about getting married, despite George knowing the boy was 15, charging documents state.

George also provided "explicit, detailed verbal descriptions (and) narrative accounts of sexual excitement via text messages" to the teen, according to documents and "intentionally had contact with the minor in an attempt to have sexual contact with the minor."

George was hired as an officer by Baltimore Police in June 2014, according to a department spokeswoman. He remains suspended without pay based on the criminal charges, the spokeswoman said.

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