Alleged teen robber vows to go out in a body bag

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A York City teenager who police said jammed a handgun against the back of a taxi driver's head during a robbery posted a defiant message on his Facebook page that appears to warn he's out to rob people and won't be taken alive.

"And f— the polixe. Yall gonna have to take me out in a bag kause I made a promise to myself to neva go baxk," John Dakota Taylor-Williams wrote. "Bustin at yall pigs like its the only way kause for me it is. I got nothing ... no food and my kash is low so im out heere till i kome up."

John Dakota Taylor-Williams
(Facebook photo)

Avoiding using a certain letter can sometimes indicate a person is affiliated with a gang or group, according to York City Police Chief Wes Kahley. In this case, the teen avoided using the letter "c" in his posting, replacing it with the letters "k" or "x."

"Generally in the gang world, it means someone is against the Crips," the chief said, adding he was unaware whether Taylor-Williams has a group affiliation.

"Usually when you see a certain letter being crossed out (or avoided), it's a sign of disrespect," Kahley said.

As of Friday, Taylor-Williams remained on the lam, officials said.

'You better give it up': In his May 3 posting, Taylor-Williams, 17, of 663 W. Mason Ave., second floor rear, warns he won't tolerate a victim fighting back.

"No more humbleness. Im out here," he wrote. "And when the pole reaxh your dome you better give it up or you won't be makin it home. Just makin s— known."

In street slang, a pole is a gun.

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Taylor-Williams continued:

"Im hungry and 2 days with no sleep is good by me i'm not sleeping til this starvation is ova. If you holding work (money) Im takin (it) masked or unmasked. ... Book me or not but im not (going to be) hungry and struggle no more."

Charging documents filed by York City Police Detective Travis Sowers accuse the teen of robbing a cab driver at gunpoint in the 300 block of South Queen Street about 2 a.m. Tuesday.

The allegations: The cabby was sent to Taylor-Williams' exact address, where he picked up the teen and another male, according to documents.

They asked to be dropped off in the 300 block of South Queen Street, and the cabby drove them there, charging documents state.

Once at the destination, Taylor-Williams "jammed" a handgun against the back of the cabby's head and demanded all his money, documents allege.

John Taylor-Williams
(Facebook photo)

The teen and his companion fled the taxi after getting $223, according to police.

During the exchange, the cabby fired his own gun, but no one was struck, York City Police Lt. Troy Bankert said, adding the cabby will not be charged.

But a surveillance camera inside the taxi captured the holdup on video, which let Sowers distribute images of the robber's face to law-enforcement officers around York County to see whether any of them recognized the suspect, police said.

ID'd by probation: A juvenile probation officer identified the robber as Taylor-Williams, and detectives confirmed that by comparing photos of the teen with the surveillance video, charging documents state.

On Thursday, May 4, Sowers filed charges of robbery, carrying a firearm without a license and possession of a firearm by a minor. Taylor-Williams is charged as an adult.

He remained a fugitive as of Monday, according to police.

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It is unclear whether he has retained an attorney.

Anyone with information on the teen's whereabouts can call York City Police at 717-846-1234, or call 911. Or text "yorktips" and your information to 847-411.

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