Crime watch, Judge Laird, April 11


District Judge Scott E. Laird’s office covers York Township, Dallastown and Yoe.


Juvenile: Dallastown; purchase alcoholic beverages by a minor; guilty.

Juvenile: Dallastown; curfew-no minor in public between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m.

Olivia J. Fulton: 34 N. Vernon St., York; possession of a small amount of marijuana for personal use; waived to court.

Randy E. Gilbert Jr.: 38 E. Broadway, Red Lion; harassment-course of conduct without no legitimate purpose; guilty.

Casey R. Wright: 549 E. Main St., Apt. D, Dallastown; false report-falsely incriminate another; waived to court.

Jason Padgett: 4305 Old Orchard Road, York; criminal mischief-damage property; held for court.

Braxton A. Erne: 112 Middle Spring Ave., Shippensburg; sell or furnish liquor to a minor; waived to court.

Jason E. Padgett: 4305 Old Orchard Road, York; stalking-repeatedly communicating to cause fear; held for court.

Ryan D. Osborn: 1134 Felton Road, Red Lion; parks and recreation areas rules and regulations; pleaded guilty.

Autumn R. Wohlforth: 525 Gary Drive, Dallastown; harassment-subject other to physical contact; pleaded guilty.