Crime watch, Judge Clancy, Feb. 20


District Judge Jennifer J.P. Clancy’s office covers Spring Garden Township, North York and West York.


Kathryn Rivera: 1846 Clover Lane, York; harassment; pleaded guilty.

Dana L. Smith: 429 N. George St., York; harassment; found guilty.

Elizabeth Cutright: 1235 E. Maple St., York; disorderly conduct; pleaded guilty.

Bobby E. Keller: York County Prison; photo/film/depiction on computer of sex act-child (3 counts), dissemination of photo/film of child sex acts, child pornography; waived to court.

Robert P. Bryant: York County Prison; theft from a motor vehicle, public drunkenness; held for court.

Matthew G. Owens: 905 W. Princess St., York; retail theft, waived to court.

John C. Chamberlain: 108 Cold Run Road, Belmont, Pa.; conspiracy-theft from vehicle; held for court.

William A. Stewart: 1014 Mount Rose Ave., York; theft from motor vehicle; waived to court.

Palmira Vera: 625 Linden Ave., York; DUI-careless driving, DUI-highest rate of alcohol, DUI-controlled substance; waived to court.

Nicholas M. Moser: York County Prison; retail theft; waived to court.

Naomy E. Herring: 221 Parkway Boulevard, York; disorderly conduct; pleaded guilty.

John M. Frealing: 34 S. Sumner St., York; disorderly conduct; pleaded guilty.

Nicholas A. Santanoo: 359 Oak Lane, York; intent to possess a controlled substance, DUI, use/possession of drug paraphernalia, manufacture, deliver or possess with intention to manufacture or deliver; held for court.

Nina D. Rodriguez: 222 E. Boundary Ave., York; criminal mischief, harassment; held for court.

Kahlil Hardrick: 560 S. Kershaw St., York; criminal trespass, harassment, criminal mischief; waived to court.

Alexus M. Herbst: 396 W. Howard St., Dallastown; aggravated assault (2 counts), simple assault; waived to court.

Ashley R. Sanchez: 917 Fahs St., York; possession of marijuana, no rear lights; waived to court.

Eddie L. Wallace Jr.: 226 E. Poplar St., York; false ID to police; held for court.

Ryan C. Rotondo: 1906 Snyder Ave., Baltimore, Md.; manufacture, deliver or possess with the intent to manufacture or deliver, conspiracy-manufacture, deliver or possess with intent, intent to possess a controlled substance by a person not registered; held for court.

Kirk M. Duttera: 1572 W. King St., York; unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving under suspension; held for court.

Henry N. Laughman: 35 Walton St., York Haven; false ID to police, DUI, possession of marijuana, no license, driving under suspension, no rear lights; waived to court.

Nelson Detres-Jimenez: 259 E. College Ave., York; possession of marijuana; held for court.

Byron S. Caughman: 136 Willis Lane, York; possession with intent to deliver, DUI, possession of marijuana, no license; waived to court.

Liberty C. Burton: 700 Linden Ave., York; tampering with evidence; held for court.

Raequan S. Matthews: 765-C Edison St., York; possession of firearms, intent to possess a controlled substance by a person not registered, possession of marijuana; waived to court.

Waldo Figueroa: 802 Wayne Ave., York; reckless endangering, disorderly conduct; waived to court.

Brittany D. Fuller: 191 Silver Spur Drive, York; criminal conspiracy/corruption of minors (8 counts); waived to court.

Edward C. Heller Jr.: 830 Kelly Drive, York; DUI, following too closely; waived to court.

John R. Dirckx: 48 E. 7th Ave., York; criminal mischief, public drunkenness; held for court.

Brianna N. Billet: 42 N. Hartley St., York; retail theft; waived to court.

Spencer K. Beatty Jr.: 61 N. Tremont St., York; fleeing/eluding police; held for court.

Khafre R. Johnson: 223 W. Cottage Place, York; robbery, conspiracy-robbery, theft, receiving, possession of firearms; held for court.

Luis A. Escobar Jr.: 5634 Diamond Lock, Columbus, Ohio; marijuana, use/possession of drug paraphernalia; waived to court.

Mark Mueller: 2705 Hartford Road, York; DUI, duty of driver in emergency response area; waived to court.

Rashad M. Sutton: 373 W. Jackson St., York; criminal trespass; waived to court.

Barry L. Croft: 1043 W. Poplar St.; aggravated assault, simple assault, harassment; held for court.