Child endangerment charges for Springettsbury day-care operator

Jason Addy

A Springettsbury Township day care center operator is facing multiple charges for allegedly leaving six young children alone in the center while she picked up more children from preschool.

Gina M. Henry, 43, faces six misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of children, according to court documents.

Gina Henry, 43, of Springettsbury Township

Charges were filed against Henry Dec. 14 after parents suspected her of leaving their daughter alone at her home, documents state.

The child’s mother dropped her off on the morning of Nov. 22 and called her husband when she realized Henry was operating the day care without help that day. The concerned father then asked his sister to check on the children at Henry’s home, documents state.

The child’s aunt witnessed Henry getting into her vehicle and leaving for 20 minutes before arriving back at the home with two children, according to charging documents.

When she went into the home with Henry, the aunt said she saw several young children and an infant in the basement, documents state.

At that point, the child’s father arrived, and Henry told him her assistant was with the children while she was gone. The father demanded to speak to the assistant, but Henry advised him that she was sick and using the bathroom, documents state.

After receiving no response when knocking on the bathroom door, the father called police, according to charging documents.

When Springettsbury Township Police arrived, Henry was in the basement with several young children and a 3-month-old infant strapped into a car seat, documents state. Henry told police that her assistant “Jen” had diarrhea and was vomiting in the bathroom, documents state.

Henry then told police that “Jen” wasn’t wearing any clothes and could not come out of the bathroom to speak, according to charging documents.

When an officer knocked on the door, “he heard a voice over a speaker, which sounded like a cellular phone or baby monitor,” documents state.

Soon after, Henry told the officer to “just arrest me,” admitting there was no one in the bathroom and that she left the six children, ranging from 3 months to 2 years old, at home alone during her preschool run, documents state.

A week after the incident, Springettsbury Township Police found that Henry’s day-care license had expired at the beginning of December 2015, according to charging documents.

A preliminary hearing in Henry’s case is yet to be scheduled, according to court documents.