'You will never see your son again': Social media post before murder/suicide

The York Dispatch

The Shrewsbury Township woman police say killed herself after suffocating her 1-year-old son the day after Christmas apparently left a long suicide note on social media.

The message was posted around 11:30 a.m. Monday to a public Facebook page belonging to Sheri Shermeyer. It appears to be directed to the father of John R. Shermeyer, the baby found dead with Shermeyer about an hour and a half later.

“You will never see your son again,” the author wrote. “You don't deserve to have a son, to have a legacy. Why should you have your name carried on?”

Sheri Shermeyer

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to 12069 Baltimore St. in Shrewsbury Township at around 1 p.m. to conduct a welfare check, according to the York County Coroner’s Office

There, troopers found 40-year-old Sheri Shermeyer dead in bed from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, state police said.

They also found the body of John Shermeyer, 12 months old, who was apparently suffocated by his mother.

Autopsies on both mother and son are scheduled for Wednesday at Lehigh Valley Hospital, the coroner said, although Sheri Shermeyer’s death is being investigated as a suicide and the toddler’s as a homicide.

The message posted to Sheri Shermeyer’s Facebook page appears to be from someone struggling with relationship issues and depression.

“I have been slowly dying inside. I'm confused, just torn down, hardly ever go out in public anymore, don't socialize with people, I've become a hermit,” the author wrote. “I feel that the ONLY thing I have to live for is this little guy asleep in my arms right now, John. He is the only reason why I haven't blown my head off right now.

12069 Baltimore St. in Shrewsbury Township. Margarita Cambest photo.

“And even now, all I can think about is leaving this world,” the message continues. “Putting a gun in my mouth and leaving. Which is what is going to happen.”

The post on Sheri Shermeyer’s public Facebook page is seven paragraphs long.

“Why am I putting this on social media for all to see? Because this seems to be the only way you will listen or see it,” the author wrote. “Seems to piss you off when I put ‘something out there’. So here it is for all to see. ... Good bye, good riddance, wish I never wasted these past years with you. Hope I don't see you in Hell.”

As of Tuesday morning, the post had been shared 161 times and garnered 236 comments, many offering sympathy for the family and some expressing outrage toward Sheri Shermeyer.

“I don't even know this young lady or any of you but I sit here with tears flowing and my heart breaking for all her family and all who knew her,” one wrote. “I am so deeply sorry for your loss. May God comfort you during this time. I will keep you all in my prayers. Rip Sheri and her beautiful little angel John. Goodness this is just so sad.”

From another:

“I feel for this woman and understand why she took her own life. But not her child's who had his life robbed from him. … RIP to both.”

One of those who left a comment was Cindy Richard, director of the York County Suicide Prevention Coalition.

"This is horrible news and I have read all of the responses after hearing from the coroner," she wrote. "If anyone needs to talk please contact me at 227-0048. We have support groups you may want to attend."

State police continue to investigate the deaths.

This story is developing. Check back for more details.