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Charges upheld against Conewago Twp. man

Jason Addy
York Dispatch

A Conewago Township man remains in York County prison awaiting trial after a judge on Friday denied his motion to dismiss charges brought against him in 2015.

Chad Michael Stoner, 28, faces one count each of stalking and harassment by communication, stemming from a four-month span of clashes with his neighbor last year, according to charging documents.

Chad Stoner

Stoner also is facing one count each of false alarm to agencies of public safety and false report to law enforcement agencies after calling 911 in August 2015 to say a woman he had been feuding with was suicidal, documents state.

Stoner is fighting the charges while in York County Prison after being arrested twice in August, once for allegedly disrupting a Conewago Township supervisors meeting and then the next day for allegedly walking into the township building with a pellet gun and demanding to speak to one of the supervisors.

Stoner’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss all four 2015 charges on the grounds that the commonwealth has “had ample opportunity to take (Stoner’s) case to trial” in the last year, but Judge Maria Musti Cook denied the motion Friday, telling Stoner and his attorneys to try again in January if a trial date still has not been set.

Stalking and harassment: Stoner’s legal troubles began the night of May 29, 2015, after a neighbor called police to say Stoner and his brother “were intoxicated and yelling threats at him,” with Stoner saying “they were going to smash his head in,” according to charging documents.

Stoner was cited for harassment by Northern York County Regional Police and told to have no further contact with his neighbors, documents state.

Stoner’s neighbor called police twice over the following two nights to report that Stoner was still yelling at him, documents state. Stoner was again advised to have no further contact with his neighbors.

Two weeks later, the neighbor called police after Stoner allegedly tried to run him over with a motorcycle, according to court documents. When police arrived, Stoner told them “he was wearing body armor, and he would take matters into his own hands if he needed to,” documents state.

During the same conversation, Stoner advised police that he was living in fear for his life, documents state.

Police were called seven more times over the next 12 weeks for disturbances between Stoner and his neighbor, and Stoner was arrested on Sept. 22, 2015, on stalking and harassment charges after being warned numerous times, according to court documents.

That was the second time Stoner found in himself in handcuffs in two days.

False reports: On Sept. 21, 2015, Stoner was arrested on false reporting charges. About 40 minutes after his brother was arrested on trespassing charges, Stoner placed an anonymous 911 call to tell police a woman was suicidal, according to charging documents. The woman was the person who called the police on Stoner’s brother, documents state.

After finding the woman to be in good health, police suspected Stoner as the anonymous caller and tracked down phone records, which led them to Stoner’s mother, documents state.

At the time of the anonymous 911 call, Stoner was in a meeting with his mother and an officer from the Northern York County Regional Police, documents state. The officer confirmed Stoner asked for his mother’s phone and then made a call, according to charging documents.

Stoner was arraigned on the charges and posted bail on Sept. 25, 2015, according to court documents.

Township fracas: Stoner was out for almost a year until his bail in those cases was revoked in August 2016 after he was arrested twice in two days — again.

Conewago Twp. man arrested twice in 2 days in municipal dust-up

On Aug. 10, Stoner was arrested for disrupting a Conewago Township supervisors’ meeting. A day later, he returned to the township’s administration building at 490 Copenhaffer Road with a CO2-powered pellet gun and a knife, looking to speak with supervisor chairwoman Loretta Wilhide.

Police arrested Stoner and filed charges of disorderly conduct and disrupting a meeting or procession, as well as a firearms charge that was later dropped.

Video shows alleged threat at Conewago Twp. building

Had Stoner not been arrested at the township meeting, he would be fighting his 2015 charges from outside prison, said George Margetas, one of Stoner’s attorneys.

Margetas said his client was “unhappy with the result” of Friday’s hearing, but he believes Stoner shouldn’t have been arrested for speaking out during public comment at the township meeting.

“Mr. Stoner is sitting in jail right now because he wouldn’t stand up and sit at a mic that wasn’t even turned on at the time,” Margetas said.

Stoner also will face trial on charges of receiving stolen property after being accused of selling two stolen rifles over the summer.

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