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Masked riders terrorizing city residents

John Joyce
  • SPIN: A group of young men on motor bikes and ATV's wearing masks over their faces are terrorizing drivers in York City
  • York City Police say they are taking complaints and gathering details at this point.

Several arrests have been made after recent reports of unlicensed dirt bikes and ATVs being ridden through York City, their operators harassing citizens.

York County 911 confirmed Thursday that over the past few days several calls had come in to the 911 center reporting young men wearing bandannas over their faces riding motor bikes up and down city streets.

"We will not tolerate this criminal behavior that threatens the quality of life for our city residents," York City Mayor Kim Bracey said in a statement released Thursday. "And our police officers will be vigilant in prosecuting the individuals responsible."

York City Police made arrests in 2016 after citizens complained of young men riding unlicensed dirt bikes and ATVs through York City and harassing citizens.

The statement announced the arrests and said more are expected.

Lt. Troy Bankert of the York City Police Department said officers are fielding complaints at the patrol level regarding the masked riders.

Those already arrested face charges of disorderly conduct, harassment and receiving stolen property, as well as motor vehicle citations, according to the city's news release.

The operation of unlicensed motor bikes and other similar vehicles is illegal, the release said, and when apprehended, operators will be prosecuted to the "full extent of the law," the release said.

According to a Facebook post by the Southern Pennsylvania Incident Network, an online site that rounds up fire and rescue incidents in the area, a "gang" riding around on dirt bikes and a yellow ATV have been terrorizing the community. The report said the men on the motor bikes wore bandannas over their faces and nearly caused a two-vehicle wreck.

The author of the post said the group almost struck his or her truck a day ago, and the author was told by police there was "not much they can do" because the motor bikes can weave in and out of traffic quickly.

Calls to 911 also placed the riders in Spring Garden Township around 12:30 p.m. Thursday. The caller said the masked men were in the area of 321 East St. and possibly headed west.

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