Police: Eggs-cuse us, do you know this man?

John Joyce
  • Police seek to identify young egg-purchaser, a potential suspect in recent eggings of cars and homes.
  • The Northeastern Regional Police Department is investigating the recent eggings of several cars.

The Northeastern Regional Police Department is asking for help identifying a man, possibly a teenager, suspected in a series of recent eggings in Manchester Borough, according to a post on the department's Facebook page.

The department posted a recent photo of a young man purchasing three dozen eggs from the Giant Food Store in East Manchester Township. The suspect, blurred slightly in the image, looks directly into the security camera with what appears to be a slight smile on his face. He is wearing a mock-PETA T-shirt, poking fun at the animal rights organization by changing the acronym from "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals" to "People Eating Tasty Animals."

The Notheastern Regional Police Department is seeking help identifying the person pictured here buying several dozen eggs at a local Giant Food Store.

Comments: As of Sunday, the police department's post had received more than 50 comments and replies, as well as more than 430 shares. Some of the comments asked how the purchase of several dozen eggs makes a person a suspect. One woman responded by saying her son-in-law buys four dozen eggs a week for protein. Another person posted, "Maybe he eats a lot of omelettes."

Yet another person posted a response with their own take on the PETA acronym: "PETA — Pitching Eggs Toward Automobiles."

To avoid getting egg on their faces should the young man pictured turn out to be innocent, the police responded to the comments.

"... Being the only person to purchase a large amount of eggs just before a rash of 'eggings' in the same area would make anyone a suspect. We would not be doing our job if we didn't try and identify and speak to this young man," one response stated.

Enterprising vandals hurl melon filled with SpaghettiOs

The suspect in the photo is said to drive a dark red Ford Ranger with a skull decal in the rear window, according to police.

Anyone who recognizes the person in the photo or who might have information regarding the eggings is asked to contact the Northeastern Regional Police Department at (717) 266-6195, ext. 115. Callers can remain anonymous, according to the post.

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