York County's errant black bear is still on the move

Meredith Willse
York Dispatch

The wandering black bear sightings quieted down in recent days — a sign the animal might be leaving, State Game Warden Cameron Murphy said Thursday.

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West Manchester Township Police Chief John C. Snyder said the bear was last seen Tuesday wandering through a residential neighborhood north of Route 30.

This happens every spring, the chief said, stressing that the public should leave the animal alone.

A bear runs in a backyard Sunday in West Manchester township by Frito-Lay

So far, Murphy said the bear still has not been caught in a trap. The warden last received a complaint about the bear around 8 p.m. Wednesday near Manchester Township. Murphy said the bear is moving north and east, which is the direction he wanted the bear to head. He thinks the bear will move along Route 83 toward Newberry Township.

“He hasn’t gotten into anything that I’m aware of,” Murphy said.   

Murphy explained if the bear does move out of the area on his own, the best way he will know is if he stops getting calls about the bear. He said there are many eyes in the area now that will notice the bear while he is in York. The farther north it goes, the fewer  people will see the bear.   

Murphy said he didn’t think residents   have to worry. He did suggest  securing beehives and chicken coops until the bear is gone.   

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