When is Easter 2022? How is Easter’s date determined?

Leada Gore
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It’s spring and we’re starting to enjoy warmer weather and longer days and maybe even a few flowers poking out from the ground.

All those things are sure signs that Easter is just around the corner.

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Easter 2022 will be observed on Sunday, April 17. Easter dates can fluctuate widely each year and 2022′s date is considered late. The earliest day Easter can happen is March 22 but that won’t happen again until 2285. The latest Easter can take place is April 25, something that hasn’t occurred since 1943.

Unlike holidays such as Christmas or Halloween that fall on set days each year – Dec. 25 and Oct. 31, respectively – the date of Easter changes each year and it all has to do with the first full moon of spring.

How do we determine the date of Easter?

Easter always occurs on the first Sunday after the “Paschal Full Moon,” the name given to the first full moon to occur after the spring equinox (that’s Saturday, April 16th this year), according to the Farmer’s Almanac. On years when the first full moon of spring falls on a Sunday, Easter is observed the following week.

Here’s how the Farmer’s Almanac explains it:

“In 2022, the spring equinox happens on Sunday, March 20. The first full moon to occur after that date rises on Saturday, April 16. Therefore, Easter will be observed on the subsequent Sunday, which is Sunday, April 17.”

Over a 500-year period from 1600 to 2099, the dates Easter has most often been celebrated are on March 31 and April 16th.

Next year Easter will be on April 9th, followed by March 31st in 2024 and April 20th in 2025.