Prosecutor in shooting: 'He was mad, he was angry and someone was going to pay'

Aimee Ambrose
York Dispatch

The prosecutor ended his closing arguments plainly.

“He was mad, he was angry and someone was going to pay,” Lewis Reagan, chief deputy district attorney, said during his closing argument in a York County murder trial Wednesday. “The genius didn’t even shoot the right guy.”

Dasean Morris, 20, is accused of firing a gun as members of the Thunderguards motorcycle club stood outside their clubhouse in the 900 block of East Clarke Avenue in York City on July 31, 2020. One man, Kyle Hagenbuch, 26, of Carbon County, was shot in the head and injured. He died about two days later.

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Reagan alleged Morris was upset that a Thunderguards biker had touched or blocked his car, and he pointed a gun out his driver’s side window and opened fire as he drove. Reagan noted the gun was aimed at head height, with an intent to shoot someone, when the bullet went through Hagenbuch’s head.

Another club member apparently returned fire as Morris drove away.

Dasean Damont Morris

Jurors were still deliberating the case late Thursday afternoon, as the jury foreperson went back to the judge with questions about video evidence and reasonable doubt. Morris is facing charges of first- and third-degree murder in the trial, which began March 21. 

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After police responded to the shooting two years ago, Reagan said, club members assisted in the investigation in various ways, which included collecting and providing shell casings to police and giving statements to police. One member identified Morris in a photo array.

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Reagan also played video taken from security cameras for the jury. The sound of gunfire explodes on the one of clips, followed by a black Acura speeding through the scene, and then a person running after it.

Witnesses had identified the car’s driver as a young man in his 20s with dreadlocks, police said during the investigation, and Morris matched the description at the time. From a search of his home, police said they found dreadlock-style hair that had been cut and a gun.

Reagan argued that receipts from several local businesses, as well as images from security video at a couple of those businesses, established a timeline of Morris’ whereabouts on the day of the shooting.

“He can’t deny those things because we have them,” Reagan said.

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