Court date set for tax collector accused of sexting council person

Aimee Ambrose
York Dispatch

North York tax collector Keith Ramsay is due back in court Tuesday as civil complaints alleging he sent lewd texts to a borough council member move forward.

A protection from abuse hearing involving Ramsay and his accuser is scheduled for Tuesday morning. The civil case remains active while Ramsay also faces criminal charges from the alleged harassment, as well as from another case dating back to 2020.

Keith Ramsay

The victim reported the texts in November and then won a temporary sexual violence protection order against Ramsay after bringing the PFA case forward.

According to the accusations in the criminal case, Ramsay, 56, called and chatted with the councilperson the night of Nov. 2, Election Day, and asked about starting a sexual relationship. A couple of days later, Ramsay allegedly texted again, sending a video clip of himself performing a sex act as a way to follow up on the proposition.

The York Dispatch has not named the victim because the case involves alleged sexual misconduct. The council member has also not responded to requests for comment.

Ramsay was charged with misdemeanor counts of harassment and open lewdness in the criminal case last month.

He was also charged with misdemeanor counts of simple assault, tampering with evidence and disorderly conduct in a second separate case. This case was filed as a result of an investigation that stemmed from a detective’s investigation into the lewd texts.

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In the second case, Ramsay is accused of firing a gun at least twice at the height of an argument where he and his now-ex-wife had confronted a group of people over claims they were making too much noise while visiting gravesites at Lebanon Cemetery in June 2020. The cemetery is next door to the Ramsays’ property.

Hearing gunshots, the group dispersed and fled the cemetery. They and a couple of neighbors also called 911. But before police responded, Ramsay allegedly collected shell casings from the yard and lit firecrackers, using them to allegedly sell a cover story for the sound of the shots.

Ramsay was arraigned on the charges in both cases in a magisterial district court Dec. 17. He’s scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing in those cases Feb. 1.

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