A trail of death: Man convicted of murder in drug overdoses

Harper Ho
York Dispatch

A York City man who supplied the drugs that ultimately led to two overdose deaths  has been found guilty of third-degree murder and other felonies.

David Junior Seecharran, 44,  was convicted following an eight-day jury trial in York County court, Newberry Township Police said.

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Seecharran's associate, David Talbot Taylor, 35, of Newberry Township, testified during trial, the department said. He also stands accused of murder in connection with the deaths of two men in northern York County.

David Taylor, David Seecharran.

Taylor allegedly got  drugs from Seecharran, known as "Big Man," and gave them to Edward "Butch" Ahrens, 27, and Jared Connelly, 30. Both died — Ahrens in 2016 in East Manchester Township and Connelly in 2018 in Newberry Township.

Northeastern Regional Police and Newberry Township Police in 2019 charged Seecharran and Taylor in connection with the deaths. 

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Seecharran was found guilty of third-degree murder, drug delivery resulting in death, corrupt organizations and five other related crimes, all of which are felonies.

He's awaiting sentencing on Jan. 13 before Court of Common Pleas Judge Gregory M. Snyder.

 Taylor is awaiting a hearing before Judge Gregory Snyder on Jan. 10, according to court records. He faces 14 felonies, including two counts each of murder and drug delivery resulting In death.

David "DT" Taylor

Operation: Taylor identified Seecharran as his supplier, who gets the drugs from "all over," according to authorities. He helped Seecharran process and package the drugs at his York City home, and police said Taylor received drugs as payment. 

There were other helpers known as  Seecharran's "boys," according to charging documents.

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At one point Taylor told police he confronted Seecharran about the drugs nearly causing another friend to overdose, and Seecharran reportedly said, "Well they are just ... junkies anyway," police said.

Taylor said he exclusively used Seecharran as a supplier for about three or four years and stopped after overdosing on Seecharran's drugs more than once, charging documents state.

Ahrens: Ahrens had been drinking the night of Dec. 23, 2016, when he went out to eat with his sister and another person, police said.

After they ate, they went to a Manchester-area home of Ahrens' acquaintance, where Ahrens used the bathroom and came out holding his fingers to his nose, court documents state. 

Police   found wax envelopes typically used to package heroin inside a trash can in that home, officials said.

After leaving the home with the other two, Ahrens appeared to be nodding off in the car, and Ahrens' sister took him to the Manchester McDonald's, where EMS arrived and attempted to revive him, charging documents state.

He was taken to Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Police analyzed Ahrens' phone and saw that he had coordinated with Taylor to pick up drugs from him that night, according to court documents.

Ahrens met Taylor at a Manchester Township bar before going out with his sister, and he picked up $40 worth of heroin from him, officials said.

Police questioned Taylor, who admitted to providing the drugs and had changed his cell phone number multiple times after Ahrens died, according to police. He said he got the drugs from Seecharran and that he was trying to help a friend and did not intend for anyone to get hurt, according to court  documents.

David Seecharran

Connelly: Newberry Township Police were sent to the 700 block of Cassell Road on June 3, 2018, after Connelly was found there "cold and stiff to the touch" in a bed, court documents state.

He was found with a syringe and an empty blue wax baggie. A bundle of four unused wax baggies was found under a pillow, officials said. Police said Connelly had fentanyl in his system.

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Taylor told police he was with Connelly that night and that they were both "dope sick," court documents state. Taylor said the two of them had been friends since they were children.

They put their money together and purchased a bundle of heroin from his supplier, Seecharran, according to authorities. Police said Taylor met Seecharran at the Conewago Inn in Newberry Township to pick up the drugs.

The two went to Connelly's home, split the bundle, and they each did some of the drugs, charging documents state. Taylor realized how strong the batch was, said he wasn't feeling right and went home, officials said.

Taylor said he overdosed on the drugs about two days later and needed to be revived by his sister, who used Narcan on him, court documents state.

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