York County schools near 2,500 COVID-19 cases, close in on last year's total

Erin Bamer
York Dispatch

York County schools neared 2,500 COVID-19 cases for this school year on Tuesday as the county's death toll surpassed 980 since the start of the pandemic. 

Local public schools have recorded 2,496 cases during the 2021-22 school year, including 60 new cases recorded since Monday. At the current rate, local schools are on track to surpass last year's total for the entire school year this month. 

In the 2020-21 school year, York County districts recorded at least 2,861 cases, though the true total was likely over 3,000 due to recordkeeping disparities that persist into the current school year. 

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According to the state Department of Health, York County has recorded 62,909 cases since the start of the pandemic. The county also logged 981 deaths, up two from the weekend. 

The state's webpage for COVID-19 data has experienced technical difficulties over the last few days, which prevented officials from updating every report. The state expects to provide a COVID-19 update on Wednesday that could reflect larger-than-normal caseloads.

York County hospitals had 156 patients hospitalized for COVID-19 as of Tuesday, including 33 adult patients in the ICU and 28 patients on ventilators. 

Across all 67 counties, the state has seen 1,565,053 cases and 31,530 deaths. There have been more than 5.7 million negative COVID-19 tests throughout Pennsylvania, including 194,212 in York County.

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No two school districts are tracking COVID-19 cases in the same way.

Five districts — Dallastown, Hanover, Northeastern, Southern and West Shore — are not posting their total cases for the school year. Instead, some of them are only publishing cases recorded during the previous 14 days, while others are only posting active cases. 

Among other districts, COVID-19 tracking varies. Some districts don't include cases that were contracted while the students or staff were off district property. Some combine probable and confirmed cases, while others keep the two separate. 

It's impossible to know the exact number of COVID-19 cases linked to every school district in the county. But The York Dispatch will continue to keep track of the number of cases in each district to the best of our knowledge.

You can keep track of your district's recorded cases for the 2021-2022 school year here. We will continue to update on a daily basis as numbers change.