Lancaster media group LNP attacked by ransomware

Harper Ho
York Dispatch

LNP Media Group was attacked by foreign ransomware that continues to limit the company's ability to print a complete newspaper in Lancaster County, LNP reports.

Extortionists demanded Steinman Communications to pay an undisclosed sum of money in return for unlocking key features used in printing the daily LNP and LNP Media Group’s other publications.

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Company officials declined to say whether they intend to pay the ransom or ignore the demand, but executives described it as a "sophisticated criminal attack," according to the organization.

Steinman Communications, which owns LNP Media Group, has hired a cybersecurity firm to evaluate the extent of the attack on the company’s systems since it was discovered Sept. 30.

The situation was reported to the FBI, and the organization says there's no evidence that subscriber payment information was compromised. 

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