York County schools surpass 1,000 COVID-19 cases a month into school year: Use the database

Erin Bamer
York Dispatch

York County schools officially surpassed 1,000 COVID-19 cases recorded for the 2021-2022 school year, with no signs of the spread slowing. 

As of Thursday, at least 1,050 cases were reported across the county's 16 school districts. However, the true total number of cases is likely much higher due to reporting disparities between districts. 

Last school year, York County districts recorded more than 2,800 cases, though the true total was likely over 3,000 due to the same disparities.

At this rate, local schools are on track to surpass last year's total before the end of the first semester. 

"The delta variant is proving to be just as transmissible and challenging as we expected," said York City Health Bureau Medical Director Dr. Matthew Howie.

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No two school districts are tracking COVID-19 the same.

Five districts — Dallastown, Hanover, Northeastern, Southern and West Shore — are not posting their total cases for the school year. Instead, some of them are only publishing cases recorded during the previous 14 days, while others are only posting active cases. 

Among other districts, COVID-19 tracking varies. Some districts don't include cases that were contracted while the students or staff were off district property. Some combine probable and confirmed cases, while others keep the two separate. 

It's impossible to know the exact number of COVID-19 cases linked to every school district in the county. But The York Dispatch will continue to keep track of each district's case rate to the best of our knowledge. 

You can keep track of your district's recorded cases for the 2021-2022 school year here. We will continue to update on a daily basis as numbers change.