Schools put the brakes on Gov. Wolf's mask mandate: Your daily dispatch

Harper Ho
York Dispatch
Central York High School students protest the school's ban on books and other teaching materials by black and Hispanic authors during a rally outside the school Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021. The The Panther Anti-Racist Union–a student organization–organized the protest which they say will occur daily until Sept. 13, the date of the next district school board meeting. Bill Kalina photo

Masking in schools continues to be a hot topic in York County.

Good morning, everybody. Here is your morning newsletter. 

York County school districts are defying and delaying Gov. Wolf's mask mandate.

Meanwhile, it was PANDEMONIUM at South Western High School last night. I'll give you three guesses why.

Students at Central York are protesting the district's decision to ban a list of teaching materials from creators of color.

Finally, a Maryland craft brewery is expanding into York County. The brewery boasts a 'farm-country feel.' Cheers!

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