‘Jeopardy!’ is back with a Big Bang, the battle over vaccines and mask mandates

Harper Ho
York Dispatch
Filling the void left by "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek after 37 years involves sophisticated research and a parade of guest hosts doing their best to impress viewers and the studio that will make the call.

Good Thursday morning, readers! We're starting off with some national news and then swinging back to lovely local.

This is probably the "nerdiest news" ever: One of the new permanent hosts of ‘Jeopardy!’ — that's right, host with an "s" —  is an actress-slash-neuroscientist. We have a theory that ‘Jeopardy!’ is coming back with a Big Bang. "Who are they? for $1,000." 

Now hurtling toward some hard news...

York County Prison bucks Gov. Wolf's statewide vaccine mandate by declaring that its staff doesn't need to get jabbed.

Another York County school district is rethinking mask mandates.

Wondering what's up with the weather? It will be dangerously hot or possibly dangerously wet  (or both?) in central Pennsylvania.

Here are Thursday's stories and more: 

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