Former Big Ugly Warehouse partially collapses in West York

Harper Ho
York Dispatch
A building that formerly housed Big Ugly Warehouse in the 200 block of Sumner Street in West York was damaged Wednesday, July 28, 2021. The building was damaged during a storm last summer. Bill Kalina photo

A building recognized by locals as the former Big Ugly Warehouse in West York partially collapsed Wednesday because of wind, borough officials said.  

"There was a partial collapse of the back wall where the shoring was blown out due to the gust of wind, so that portion of the roof had dipped down and pushed some bricks out," said Borough Manager Shawn Mauck. "The building itself is stable." 

The former warehouse was unoccupied at the time, and no one was hurt, said Mauck, adding that police and the fire department responded but the owners of the building are responsible for cleaning up the mess.

In 2017, a "gustnado" came through town and damaged that section of the building, which was then shored up, Mauck said.

"And that's where it originally ripped off the rear of the structure. It ripped off the brick visage during that event," he said Thursday. "However, yesterday that wind came through and ripped out that shoring from the fourth floor." 

The owners have been doing extensive construction projects and remodels of the building for self storage.

"Traffic on Sumner Street is restricted, and it's going to be restricted once they start demo in certain areas anyhow," Mauck said. "Most people recognize it as the old Big Ugly Warehouse," referring to a former business that was housed there. "It was originally a furniture manufacturer back in the early part of West York's history."