GOYORK 2045 extends public comment period through Sunday

Matt Enright
York Dispatch

Want a say in the next 24 years of York County transportation? You still have time to make your opinions known.

The York County Planning Commission has extended the public comment period for the GOYORK 2045 transportation plan through the end of day on Sunday. 

The reason for the extension was to attempt to reach more stakeholders, Planning Commission Chief of Transportation Planning Will Clark said in a Thursday interview.. So far, there's been widespread interest: 989 people have filled out the GOYORK 2045 survey that asks for feedback from the public.

"We have a lower turnout from the minority population, and we're doing a concentrated effort in the next couple days to try and increase that number," Clark said.

In addition to the survey, Clark said there has been a lot of interest on the Planning Commission's Facebook page. That includes a post about a potential new exit at Canal Road and a post asking which busy intersection to prioritize in the Hanover area, choosing between Eisenhower Drive, Moulstown Road and Route 194 or Grandview Road and Baltimore Street. 

To view the plan or fill out a survey about GOYORK 2045, visit the York County Planning Commission's website at www.ypc.org

After the public comment period is over, GOYORK 2045 will go before the York area metropolitan planning committee for approval on June 24. The York County Planning Commission will make a recommendation on July 20, after which it will be before the Board of Commissioners on Aug. 4.