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Want a say in York County's transportation needs through 2025?

Matt Enright
York Dispatch

It's been in the works since 2017, and now GOYORK 2045, the county's transportation plan for the next 24 years, is in its final step: public comment.

Want to be praise or criticize the plan? Now is the time.

Among the avenues available for public comment are two virtual events planned for May 11 and May 20. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., a virtual Zoom link will be available for one-on-one interviews with York County's transportation staff.

"We are out for the final public comment, which is basically a review of the actual document, and we get feedback from the public on what they think about the policies, what actions and the funding that is included within the plan," said Will Clark, the York County planning commission's chief of transportation planning. "It has to serve everybody and everybody's needs."

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Over 120 pages, GOYORK 2045 encompasses initiatives and plans for the next two decades. Among the options included in the plan are an analysis of where sidewalk gaps are located within a quarter mile of transit locations, maintenance of the highway system and noting innovations such as personal delivery devices and autonomous vehicles. 

"It touches every aspect of our life, so there are a lot of items included in the plan," Clark said.

In addition to the virtual open houses, there is also a survey available that allows those interested to rank what is most important to them, what actions should be taken on transportation and what congested intersections should be addressed first. That will help the planning commission determine what actions are the most important to implement, Clark said.

"We used to go to the mall and sit as people would pass by. Now it's a little bit different because people aren't passing by the internet," Clark said of the Zoom meetings. "So we have to figure out how to grab their attention while they're scrolling through on Facebook, and so that's going to be the goal that we look at on the day of the meeting." 

This public comment period will last until June 9. After taking in the comments, the plan will be sent to the York area metropolitan planning committee for approval on June 24. The York County planning commission will make a recommendation on July 20, after which it will be before the board of commissioners on Aug. 4. 

Clark said the public comment period is important to get input on the plan from the public. 

"Public comment period is important for our feedback loop. It's very important for us to know. We are not going to be able to satisfy everybody's request, the funding is not there, it's not possible," he said. "But what we try to do is to satisfy as much of the public as we can, to try and get a plan that moves the entire community forward."

For more information on the plan, to take the transportation survey and to follow the Zoom link, visit the GOYORK 2045 website.