Latest in Northeastern school board saga: Wife of recently resigned member no longer wants a seat

Erin Bamer
York Dispatch

The wife of a now former Northeastern school board member is no longer interested in running for a seat on the board, according to recent social media posts by her. 

Kathy Leh said in a Facebook comment that she does not want to serve on the school board and has instead decided to distance herself from the Northeastern School District. 

"I no longer have a desire to be on the school board so please encourage everyone you know in region 1 to vote for Tyler and Tiffany," she said in the comment. 

Screenshot of Kathy Leh's Facebook comment confirming she does not want to serve on the Northeastern school board

Her name will still be on the ballot for the May 18 primary election, alongside Tyler Kramlick and Tiffany Robyn Weaver for board seats in region 1. 

Kathy Leh's husband, Christopher Leh, resigned from the school board last week after making multiple allegations through February and March that other board members participated in illegal and unethical activity.

Christopher Leh has not shared details about these accusations, and the school board president say she's unaware of any illegal or unethical activity by the board or administration. 

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Kathy Leh has an ongoing lawsuit against the district, alleging that district officials repeatedly harassed her over the course of several years in the aftermath of her ex-husband and former Superintendent Shawn Minnich's assault on Christopher Leh back in 2015. 

Chris Leh.

Kramlick, a former board member now running again, has claimed the main reason Christopher Leh was on the school board, and the reason why Kathy Leh initially wanted to be on the board, dates back to 2015. 

"They're out for revenge," he said. 

After Minnich assaulted Leh, the board waited six months before terminating Minnich during a tearful meeting. The board had no choice by then, because the state had suspended Minnich's teaching certificate, making him ineligible for the post. He eventually spent almost three months in prison for the assault. 

Former Northeastern School District Superintendent Shawn Minnich leaves the York County Judicial Center Tuesday, Oct. 3, 2017. He pleaded guilty to assaulting the boyfriend of his estranged wife. 
(Bill Kalina photo)

Christopher Leh criticized board members for hesitating to dismiss Minnich. In 2017, Christopher Leh himself was found guilty of harassing Kramlick, who was serving on the board at the time. Police said Leh's unwanted contact in 2017 partially had to do with his displeasure over the board's handling of Minnich.

The conflict between the couple and the district increased in October, when the board voted to appoint a new school psychologist. In Kathy Leh's civil complaint, she alleges she was passed up for this position as "retaliation." Christopher Leh also referenced the decision as retaliatory in his resignation letter. 

But Kramlick said the district was right not to give Kathy Leh the position, because she lacked the requirements. Northeastern requires their school psychologist candidates have at least two years of experience as a school psychologist.

Kathy Leh served as a social worker for the majority of her career at Northeastern and was appointed as a long-term substitute school psychologist in 2020. She left the district earlier this year and now works for the York City School District.

Kramlick claimed Christopher Leh and Kathy Leh have been causing problems for the Northeastern School District for the last five years, with little to no proof to back up their accusations. He said it's a result of these actions that no current board members are seeking reelection. 

Margie Walker

With five seats up for grabs on Northeastern's school board in the May 18 primary, no incumbents are listed as candidates. This includes board President Margie Walker, who has served on the board since 1998. Christopher Leh said he considers it the "greatest accomplishment" in his political career that Walker will no longer hold a seat on the board. 

According to the candidate list, in addition to the region 1 seat Kathy Leh, Kramlick and Weaver are running for, Jamie Lagna, Andrew Shaw and William John Henry Volkert V are running in a different region.

Kathy Leh did not respond to a request for comment. Christopher Leh did not agree to an interview but said in an email that he wishes Kramlick the best. 

"He is exactly what the Northeastern School Board needs," Christopher Leh said in the email.