More than 2,300 York County school employees have received COVID-19 vaccine

Erin Bamer
York Dispatch

At least 2,294 employees with York County school districts have received the COVID-19 vaccine so far, but the true total is likely much higher. 

The 2,294 total accounts for employees from nine county school districts who signed up to receive the Johnson & Johnson single-dose COVID-19 vaccine in the first wave of the rollout. It does not include those vaccinated from the seven remaining York County school districts or those vaccinated in Phase 1A of the state's vaccine distribution, which many districts did not track. 

Officials from five local districts — West York, Spring Grove, Eastern York, West Shore and Red Lion — did not return a request for comment Monday, but each district in the county had employees who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. 

Southern York County Assistant Superintendent Robert Bryson said during a Friday board meeting that about 75% of Southern York County's staff has been vaccinated, but he did not give a specific number. Northern York County Superintendent Steven Kirkpatrick also could not provide a specific number Monday. 

York Academy Regional Charter School second-grade teacher Keri Schmid, left, shares COVID-19 tests and rosters with school nurses Megan Halloran and Marla Urey, right, after students in Schmid's classroom self-administered the test Thursday, Feb 4, 2021. The testing is part of the new pandemic protocols implemented at the York City school. Bill Kalina photo

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Most local school districts indicated that the majority or entirety of their staff were vaccinated in the first wave, with the remaining employees scheduled to receive their vaccinations in the second wave of the rollout. Gov. Tom Wolf said he wants all Pennsylvania educators to have access to the vaccine by the end of the month. 

As of Friday, Wolf said more than 83,000 school employees across Pennsylvania have been vaccinated and the rollout is ahead of schedule, according to a news release. The state secured 107,600 doses of the vaccine, with 13,000 of those doses to be administered this week. 

"Vaccinating teachers will help students to get back in the classroom faster, ease the burden on parents and benefit entire communities," Wolf said in the news release. 

All York County school districts already offer in-person instruction in some form, but with more employees vaccinated, several local school districts are looking at reopening schools further. York Suburban School District's board will consider a recommendation Monday night to reopen all schools to four days or five days of in-person instruction per week based on grade level.