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Local obituaries for Wednesday, January 27

Staff Report

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Abel, Ruby

Albright, Edward

Arnold, Helena

Baugher, Deborah

Bechtel, Elizabeth

Bortner, Maureen

Brenneman, Dale

Carroll, John

Corbin, Lawrence

Culbertson, Terence

Dupree, Ayron

Eberly, Diane

Gladfelter, John

Gruver, Phyllis

Heindel, Kenneth

Hill, Ruth

Iacono, Patricia

Joines, James

Keeney, Ethel

Knaub, Kathryn

Lady, Delight

Lanier, Michael

Leiphart, Debra

Leiphart, Debra

Markle, Martha

Nicholas, Lois

Pettit, Darwin

Pfleiger, George

Powell, Clarence

Runkle, Phyllis

Smeigh, RoseMary

Smith, Donna

VanTassel, Marie

Verdinelli, Alfio

Weir, Donald

Zimmerman, Marion