Births for Monday, December 28

Staff Report



Kendra Taylor and Justin Eckert: of York, Dec. 23, a daughter.

Sonia Altice and Ysmael Contreras, Jr.: of Dover, Dec. 23, a son.

Komal Vajirkar and Soumil Ghalsasi: of York, Dec. 23, a son.

Rebecca (Barrett) and Mitchell Nicklow: of Hallam, Dec. 24, a son.

Chelsey LaScola and Scott Heiland: of Elizabethtown, Dec. 24, a daughter.

Erin (Breerwood) and Hon. Matthew Watters: of Shrewsbury, Dec. 24, a son.

Rebekah (Smith) and Casey Schardt: of York, Dec. 24, a son.

Jaime (Debuski) and Lain Sheatler: of East Berlin, Dec. 24, a son.

Chasity Christensen and Harley Heller: of Windsor, Dec. 24, a son.

Jennifer (Englert) and Eric Pitzer: of Hallam, Dec. 26, a son.