Births for Monday, November 30

Staff Report



Kayla (Schmuck) and Zach Snellbaker: of York, Nov. 24, a son.

Kayte (Noll) and Benjamin Walther: of Hopewell, Nov. 24, a son.

Ashley (Grove) and Trenton Holm: of Shrewsbury, Nov. 24, a daughter.

Mikaela (Davis) and Isael Mendez: of Dover, Nov. 25, a son.

Isabella Felix and Joshua Levalley: of York, Nov. 26, a daughter.

Erin and Alex Piazza: of Hanover, Nov. 26, a son.

Latasha Post and Isiac Ditzler: of York, Nov. 26, a daughter.

Megan (Schmuck) and Lucas Nease: of Felton, Nov. 26, a son.

Mindy (Kopp) and Anthony Smith: of Hanover, Nov. 27, a daughter.

Kirsten (Wagner) and Trent Wisler: of York, Nov. 27, twin sons.

Stephanie (Haring) and Ryan Billet: of Etters, Nov. 28, a daughter.