Births for Monday, October 26

Staff Report



Anna (Small) and Jarred Strine: of Dover, Oct. 20, a son.

Tiffany (King) and Alexander Smith: of York, Oct. 21, a daughter.

Kristen Kellison and Gregory Keefer: of Wellsville, Oct. 21, a son.

Xarianna Jones: of York, Oct. 21, a son.

Tessa Gracey and Garrett Richardson: of Glenville, Oct. 22, a daughter.

Katelin (Pope) and Derek Wynn: of York, Oct. 22, a son.

Jennifer (Fourhman) and Brian Pawling: of York, Oct. 22, a daughter.

Tara (Reinert) Smith and Juan Rodriguez: of Hanover, Oct. 22, a son.

Catherine Paige (Shivery) and Nathan Taylor: of Brogue, Oct. 23, a son.