Births for Monday, October 5

Staff Report



Melissa and Timothy Erwine: of York, Sept. 29, a son.

Mounia and Chris Spellman: of York County, Sept. 30, a son.

Ana Hernandez and Dale Nesbit: of York, Sept. 30, a son.

Liliana (Hurtado) and Brandon Taylor: of Stewartstown, Sept. 30, a daughter.

Jordan (Snook) and Christopher Sheffer: of York, Sept. 30, a daughter.

Ashley (Cummings) and Derek Owens: of Glen Rock, Sept. 30, a son.

Kristin (Schmuck) and Matthew Engel: of Felton, Oct. 1, a son.

Erin Ashby and Keaton Amsbaugh: of York, Oct. 1, a son.

Megan (Mister) and Casey Kemper: of York, Oct. 1, a daughter.

Kirsten (Leathery) and Tyler Henning: of Spring Grove, Oct. 1, a son.