State trooper from York barracks charged with DUI while on duty

Births for Tuesday, July 7

Staff Report



Hayley and Nathaniel Mobley: of York, July 2, a daughter.

Emily (LIndemuth) and David Good: of York, July 2, a son.

Sharon (Bracken) and Brandon Brozovic: of York, July 2, a son.

Logan (Snyder) and Raymond Grudi: of Thomasville, July 2, a son.

Kianna (Dillon) and Daniel Petree: of Hanover, July 2, a son.

Haley Sheridan and Hunter Fickes: of York, July 2, a son.

Jacqueline (Duffey) and Michael Sullivan: of Hagerstown, Md., July 2, a daughter. 

Jayla Moul and Christopher Gonzalez: of York, July 3, a daughter.

Ashley and Michael Byrd: of York, July 3, a son.

Rosalia (Zani) and Michael Martin: of York, July 4, a daughter.

Brittany (Davies) and James Pearce: of Seven Valleys, July 4, a daughter.

Rebecca (Walls) and Robert Menas: of Red Lion, July 5, a son.

Jacqueline McLatchy and Christopher Hersh: of Spring Grove, July 5, a daughter.

Shelby Morningstar and Nathan Hake: of Emigsville, July 5, a son.