Couple finds that ball caps convert quickly into pandemic-age impromptu masks. York Dispatch


Gov. Tom Wolf Friday suggested all Pennsylvanians wear some type of mouth and nose covering when in public to battle the spread of the Coronavirus.

“Wearing a mask will help us cut down the possibility that we might be infecting an innocent bystander, like the grocery store cashier, the pharmacist, or someone stocking shelves,” Wolf said Friday.

This meant that a lot of people, including myself and my wife, Deb, were searching for proper mask-making material Saturday morning.

The options people were using ranged from the scarf, which seemed sensible, to the bra, though we weren't sure whether to use lace. 

But I figured we could find a way to cover my trap at the grocery store without wearing lingerie on my face.

Then it hit us: the venerable brimmed ball cap. We had a bunch around the house.

After a few trial runs, we found a ball cap worked well after cutting off the brim, folding it in half, and making ear loops. It comfortably covers the anatomy in question and is formfitting. This option worked well for us novice tailors, requiring just a stitch or two.

You may want to wash your hat first, which we didn’t. But they survived our after-the-fact hand washing and stint in the dryer.

My wife made another for our teenaged son­. It took her about 15 minutes.

-Bill Kalina is a photographer at The York Dispatch

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