Which businesses are life-sustaining and which aren't

Staff report
Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has asked all nonessential businesses in Pennsylvania to close.

On Thursday, Gov. Tom Wolf ordered all "non-life-sustaining" businesses in Pennsylvania to close by 8 p.m.

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Here is a list of businesses that will remain open:

  • In natural resources and mining: all agricultural activities; fishing; hunting and trapping; support for crop production; support activities for animal production; oil and gas extraction.
  • All food manufacturing and beverage manufacturing
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Petroleum and coal products manufacturing
  • Most chemical manufacturing
  • Plastics and rubber manufacturing; cement and concrete manufacturing
  • agriculture, construction and mining machinery manufacturing; commercial and service industry machinery manufacturing; ventilation, heating, air-conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturing; engine, turbine and power transmission equipment manufacturing; semiconductor and other electrical component manufacturing; navigational, measuring, electromedical and control instruments manufacturing
  • Medical equipment and supplies manufacturing
  • Most merchant wholesalers for durable goods and nondurable goods
  • Automotive parts, accessories and tire stores; building materials and supplies stores; grocery stores; beer distributors; other general merchandise stores; electronic shopping and mail-order houses
  • Most transportation and transportation support businesses; postal service; couriers and messengers; warehouse and storage
  • Most information businesses, including newspaper, broadcast and telecommunications; credit intermediation and related activities; rental and leasing services
  • Scientific research and development services and other services
  • Facilities support services; investigative and security services; services to buildings and dwellings; waste management and remediation services
  • All health care and social assistance services except child care
  • Recreational vehicle parks and recreational camps, residential only; rooming and boarding houses, residential only; full-service restaurants, takeout only; limited-service eating places takeout only; all repair and maintenance businesses; death care services; religious, grantmaking and giving, social advocacy, civic and social organizations

Businesses ordered closed:

  • In natural resources and mining: timber tract operations; forest nurseries and local gathering of forest products; logging; support activities for forestry; coal mining; metal ore mining; nonmetallic mineral mining and quarrying
  • All categories of construction
  • Tobacco manufacturing
  • Textile mills and textile product mills; leather manufacturing; wood manufacturing; printing and related support manufacturing
  • Paint, coating and adhesives manufacturing; most nonmetallic mineral product manufacturing; all fabricated metal product manufacturing; 
  • industrial machinery manufacturing; metalworking machinery manufacturing; other general purpose machinery manufacturing; most computer and electronics manufacturing
  • All electrical equipment, appliance and component manufacturing; transportation equipment manufacturing; furniture and related product manufacturing
  • Furniture and lumber wholesalers; apparel, piece goods and notions wholesalers; wholesale electronic markets and agent and buyers
  • Automotive dealers and other motor vehicle dealers; furniture and electronics stores; lawn and garden equipment and supplies stores; sporting goods and department stores; specialty food stores; miscellaneous store retailers; vending machine operators; direct selling establishments
  • Charter buses; sightseeing businesses; motion picture and sound recording businesses; telecommunication resellers
  • Securities, commodities and financial services; insurance; funds, trusts and other related activities; real estate; most professional and technical services; most administrative support services
  • All educational services; all arts, entertainment and recreational services; traveler accommodation; special food services; drinking places (alcoholic beverages); personal care services; dry cleaning and laundry services; business, professional, labor, political, and similar organizations