Births for Monday, March 2

Staff Report



Skylar Walters and Matthew Ludwig: of York, Feb. 26, a son.

Kylie Pick and Adam Knox: of York, Feb. 27, a daughter.

Alexandra Geiman and Steven Krause: of Hanover, Feb. 27, a daughter.

Bobbi Jo (Brodbeck) and Carl Metzler: of York, Feb. 27, a daughter.

Shellee Sall and Arcelio Cabrera: of York, Feb. 27, a son.

Tynisha Fitts and Donald Williams: of York, Feb. 27, a son.

Courtny Byerts and John Garner: of Red Lion, Feb. 28, a son.

Sara and Thomas Bowin: of York, Feb. 29, a son.