Births for Monday, Feb. 17

Staff Report



Patricia Da Silva Anstine and Joshua Anstine: of York, Feb. 10. a son.

Isabella All and Nicholas Hemming: of York, Feb. 12. a son. 

Melissa Maranto and Blaine Bixler: of Glen Rock, Feb. 12. a daughter.

Gina Baer and William Gover: of York, Feb. 12. a son.

Rebecca (Rauch) and Steven McCaa: of York, Feb. 13. a son.

Jessica Tolbert and Nelson Parker: of York, Feb. 13. a son.

Samantha Montalvo and Damian Banks: of York, Feb. 13. a son.

Ashley (Prowell) and Daniel Beshore: of Mount Wolf, Feb. 13. a son.

Erin Gray and Shaun List: of Red Lion, Feb. 13. a daughter.

Christina Finecey and Richard Donahue: of York, Feb. 13. a son.

Samantha Beaver and Thomas Shaffer: of York, Feb. 14. a son.

Harley Honhart and John White: of New Oxford, Feb. 14. a daughter.

Ruth (Leonard) and George Greenslade: of York, Feb. 14. a son.