Newberry Twp. could restrict truck traffic with amended ordinance

Lindsey O'Laughlin
York Dispatch
Newberry Township voted to advertise an amended ordinance Tuesday, January 28, 2020, that would prohibit large trucks from traveling on River Road and Midway Road. LKQ, a recycling and salvage business on River Road, had opposed the ordinance before it was amended. Bill Kalina photo

Trucks longer than 36 feet could soon be prohibited from traveling on River Road and Midway Road in Newberry Township, with a few exceptions, if the board of supervisors adopts a new traffic ordinance in February.

The amended Ordinance 408 would repeal and replace a similar ordinance the board adopted last summer but never enforced.

"We are exempting local deliveries on those two roads," Andrew Miller, township solicitor, said at a meeting Tuesday, Jan. 28.

Under the township's previous ordinance, enacted July 23, local deliveries and emergency vehicles were exempt from the restriction on Midway Road, but there was no exemption for local deliveries on River Road.

LKQ Corp., a recycling and salvage business on River Road, had threatened to file a lawsuit against the township if the ordinance went into effect, Miller said. That prompted supervisors to put a moratorium on enforcement while negotiating a few changes to the proposed law.

The version now under consideration is a result of those negotiations. 

Save Rite Auto, the Newberry Township auto repair and body shop at the center of a zoning dispute with neighbors, also is on River Road.

Under the new ordinance, trucks longer than 36 feet would still be prohibited on both roads, but with exceptions for local deliveries, emergency vehicles, school buses and resident-owned campers and recreational vehicles.

Those exceptions would also apply to roads that are only accessible via River Road or Midway Road.

On River Road, there would still be restrictions for vehicles that fall under the exception because a portion of the road is too narrow to safely accommodate large trucks, Miller said.

That finding was the result of a traffic study.

Trucks exceeding 36 feet in length would not be allowed to enter or exit River Road at the intersection with York Haven Road, which is west of Save Rite Auto, Miller said.

Those trucks would have to enter River Road from the east by turning right from Cly Road.

Trucks exiting River Road would only be able to turn right onto Cly Road. Large trucks leaving Save Rite Auto or LKQ Corp. would be required to turn left onto River Road and then exit south onto Cly Road.

There would be no turn restrictions for any of the exempt vehicles on Midway Road, Miller said.

The supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to advertise the amended ordinance and are expected to vote on the proposed ordinance Feb. 25.

If adopted, the ordinance would go into effect March 1, Miller said.

A representative for LKQ Corp. could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

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