Births for Thursday, Jan. 16

Staff Report



Mary (Davis) and John Baker: of Waynesboro, Jan. 11, a daughter.

Brianna Tischler and Christopher Kroll: of Dover, Jan. 11, a son.

Kailey Yeager and Casey Lake: of Dallastown, Jan. 13, a son.

Tabitha (Yost) and Julian Heindel: of Windsor, Jan. 13, a daughter.

Taisia (Nace) and Anthony Yeager: of York, Jan. 13, a son.

Ciera DiTtaranto and Brandon Newcomer: of York, Jan. 13, a son.

Rebecca and Derrick Robbins: of York, Jan. 13, a daughter.

Sarah (Trinkle) and Mark Hamilton: of York, Jan. 14, a daughter.

Stephanie (Goddard) and Philip White, Jr.: of York, Jan. 14, a son.

Alyssa Ilyes and Kenneth Herr: of Wrightsville, Jan. 14, a son.

Rebecca and Derrick Robbins of York, a girl on Jan. 13.

Mary (Davis) and John Baker of Waynesboro, a girl on Jan. 11.